Drug Addiction Recovery

Drug Addiction Recovery

Stories of Recovery

The human touch, the human connection is so vital to recovery. In a recent spirituality group, we were discussing “Step 3” and in the context of that discussion, people shared their stories about having a spiritual experience.Drug Addiction Recovery

Drug Addiction Recovery:

”Bill” is a firefighter and told of a horrifying, yet amazingly spiritual experience he had on the job. His team was called to a house fire, one of those you hear about when the home is completely engulfed in flames, with intense heat and smoke. He was trapped in the house, and as he recalled his experience, he paused and looked at the group and said, “I was gone.” He knew he was going to die in the fire, but somebody was looking out for him that day and his buddies got him out of the burning house. “Now THAT was a spiritual experience,” he said.Drug Addiction Recovery:

”Betty” had all but lost touch with anything resembling a spiritual experience. She had been drinking for years so any sense of the spiritual was washed away with alcohol. But there was something she enjoyed—gardening. She shared with the group about her digging and planting, working the flower beds and delighting in seeing her plants grow. She was reluctant at first to even share this, because how can digging in the dirt on your hands and knees be spiritual? But as she spoke, we could all see the light in her eyes. Gardening was very meaningful for her and she began to get in touch with her experience. “I pretty much lost any hope of a spiritual experience, but this (group session) has given it back to me,” she said after the session was over. It was an important moment for her.Drug Addiction Recovery:

“Kenny” has been in and out of rehab several times. However, a recent experience had a major impact on him. He met a man at a half-way house. The man had violated his parole by staying out late and using cocaine. He came back to the house, but was locked out, so he curled up in the bushes and went to sleep. Kenny discovered him and got him inside. Knowing the consequences of the man’s actions, Kenny began to pray that his friend be given another chance. Upon learning of the event, the man’s parole officer extended grace to him and let the incident slide. “That really woke me up,” said Kenny, “and I realized that I needed to be back in rehab. I came here right away. God answered my prayer. I can trust him.”Drug Addiction Recovery:

“Sarah” found courage to share after hearing the others. She had experienced a moment of connection while listening to a recording artist at a concert. As the performer sang, she inched her way forward and got good, eyeball-to-eyeball contact with the singer. “That was meaningful for me,” she said. Sarah and the singer had that moment of human connection, as if he was singing the song for her alone. Moments like that bolster and reinforce personal value. They move the spirit. They take us to places we otherwise would not go. Looking back and recalling the moment, she understood its value. She made a connection.What is a spiritual experience? It’s a moment of meaningful connection, enhancing self awareness. We experience these moments differently, but the significance lies in the connection.Bookmark and Share For more Drug Addiction Recovery link to Intervention

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