My husband is addicted to yaba and gaza?

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My husband is addicted to yaba and gaza?

by Sumona


My husband is addicted to yaba and gaza and has been for so many years… about 15 years. In 2003, he was staying in rehab for four months but after leaving rehab he again used drugs.

We dated before our marriage and he always told me everything. We got married about 3 months ago and before we got married he stayed abroad and was always telling me lies, that he now didn’t use drugs.

Now, after we got married, I stayed with him then I followed him and saw his abnormal behavior… like that he doesn’t sleep, annoying me and making me angry and he also steals my money. When I observed those things and I told him that he must be using drugs and I asked him to stop and I let him know that I will support him always.

Then a few weeks ago I told him to go outside and I do not tell him that I going with him. I talked to one of his counselor’s from of rehab and he told everything. He said that everything was true that counselor had said and that he now used yaba and gaza and he wants to stop. He was admitted to rehab for his willing to go for 1 month. He also told me that now he wants to leave it.

But my question is, after his rehab for one month how can I believe him that he is normal and does not use drugs? How can I help him with his recovery so that he can live a normal life? I’m willing to do anything, so kindly advise me what can I do after 1 month as he ends his rehab. I’m so worried about my future. Kindly advice and reply soon.

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You should not trust him until he earns your trust.

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Sumona,

Thanks for telling your story. It’s a sad story but drug addiction causes us not to be able to trust the person we love the most.

Unless your husband immediately begins going through the 12 step process and going to AA or NA meetings, working steps and getting a sponsor he is VERY likely to begin using again right when he gets out of rehab. One month of rehab is not enough time for him to end his addiction. He MUST keep going to groups and treatment for at least a year if he is going to end his addiction.

He is at risk for relapse until he goes at least 12 months without using. So you’re right to be concerned and make him prove to you that he isn’t using drugs.

You said that you will do anything to help him, I recommend that you find Al-anon meetings to attend and work the 12 steps with him. If you work the steps together you can both learn what to do to help him to stay in his recovery.

Good Luck,


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