Should we get a restraining order on our daughter?

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Should we get a restraining order on our daughter?

by Cindy

My daughter has been addicted for the last 12 years or so, she’s finished many short term rehabs. She came back in June from a rehab and started using immediately. A few days ago she stole some money from us and took off. We filed a police report. The police recommended getting a restraining order to keep her away from our home.

I am done helping her and don’t want her in my home until she is 100% clean. I love her and have been there for her, I am just tired of the drama, blame and entitlement she seems to feel we owe her.

What are your thoughts on the restraining order? My husband and I attended NA for 3 years and now are attending Celebrate Recovery, which is a Christian 12-step program.

Thanks so much,


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Difficult decision

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Cindy,

I’m so very sorry to hear about your daughter’s addiction. The frustration and sadness you feel must sometimes be overwhelming.

Addiction is a disease of the brain and your daughter is likely totally consumed by the drugs she is taking. The drug tells her that everyone is wrong and that she should do ANYTHING to get the drug.

Because of this she may be capable of doing harmful things to you, which may be why the police recommended a restraining order… they are trying to protect you from harm. Also, she is likely associating with bad people who could also potentially harm you.

But, a restraining order is a pretty drastic action and may make you feel to disconnected from your daughter.

I would recommend that you tell your daughter that she is no longer welcome in your house. You may still want to meet with her in public places so that if she becomes desperate you’re not totally cut-off from her. That’s why I probably wouldn’t get a restraining order, so that you can keep open some lines of communication with her.

If she does come to the house and is unwilling to leave when you ask her to, then I would probably get a restraining order.

Keep attending your meetings and praying for your daughter. There is always hope and she may still recover from her addiction at some point when she surrenders and begins to choose better options for her life.

I will pray for you and your family,


Feeling guilty

by: Rosie

I just filed one against my daughter, right now i feel like the most horrible mother put on earth! My daughter is 19 almost 20, she’s also been to many many rehab counseling, jail etc.

She tells me she can’t wait till i die, or I’m gonna feel bad only if she dies first! She breaks my windows, she steals anything she likes even my car! Finally got tired and put an order against her but now i feel horrible! P.S. she also is bi-polar and not on meds!

Duo diagnosis

by: Anonymous

My 35 year old daughter has been living the addiction lifestyle for 5 years. I am ready to get a restraining order due to the fact that she is living in my home and is extremely volatile.

I now have my first grandchild living in the other swelling upstairs and with all the support and help she continues to get her main goal is her addiction. I do not feel safe in my own house. My other daughter who lives upstairs with my grandson and husband feels unsafe. I just want her out.

I have done all that I can and now my health is being affected. What has held me back in the past is the fact that she is mentally ill. Now I just don’t care. I feel sickened that all our efforts have been wasted. We are not wealthy people I refuse to spend a dime on her bad decisions. I am helpless and hopeless!!

it is so difficult

by: lorraine

My daughter is 36, and has been in and out of programs. She steals from us, wakes us up in the middle of the night for money and now she left our house and still does this… We are in our 70 ‘s and she is extremely violent.

I know it is the drugs and she is bipolar. She thinks we owe her. We got a restraining order on Friday. She has not been served. We beg her go to a detox and a program she thinks she does not need it.

We’ve been going thru this for 20years. She has been in jail 3 times, she was a beautiful person now the drugs have taken a toll on her and us. I do not want her in jail again, but there is nothing I can do. we sectioned her 6 times 3 times she went away and 3 times she faked to be sick and the courts could not do any thing. So a drug addict goes to jail for a disease so sad.

God help her please!!!

Restraining Order

by: Anonymous

I have filed a restraining order on my 27 year old son. My son is a raging alcoholic who has been in and out of numerous rehabs. Presently he is back in jail for violating the restraining order and waiting for his hearing.

In the past year he has been arrested about a dozen times for drunk in public and most recently, he got a DUI. Prior to his arrest, he dropped out of the court mandated DUI classes and lost his car.

I’m not sure what the outcome is going to be but I pray the judge gives him the option of classes/sobriety or more jail time. I’m at a loss on how to help him, he’s an amazing person when he is sober but lord forbid the minute he starts to drink. I hope he’s close to hitting rock bottom, I pray everyday that God can reach him while he’s sober.

Restraining order

by: Anonymous

I need to get a restraining order on my son. He lives with me and is so verbally abusive that I can’t take it anymore. He rages at the slightest thing.

He is an addict and I tell him that he can’t drink or do drugs in the house and he just calls me every imaginable name and does it anyway. I’ve had enough of living in a prison. He is almost 20 years old.

Please take action, likely to get worse!

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Need restraining order,

It’s sounds like you’re in a dangerous situation with your son and have been for quite awhile. Please call your local authorities right away and let them help you to remove your son from your house.

Addiction is a progressive disease of the brain and can change them into people unrecognizable to their previous self. The drugs are likely attacking your son’s brain and could change him into someone capable of doing anything to get the drugs he needs.

Drug addiction is a mental health disorder that must be treated but can make a person become progressively more violent. That’s why it’s so critical that you protect yourself and make sure you’re safe and then, if possible, help your son from a distance.

Good luck and please try to be safe,


My goal is to keep them alive, therefore

by: Ron

Hi, I’m Ron

I’m the founder of Heroin Doesn’t Care.

As long as she is alive there is hope. So, first, we want to keep her alive.

If she is using opioids google “Narcan” so you have some hope of keeping her from an overdose.

Rehab… Short term, doesn’t cut it. Her mind needs time to heal.

My first advice is to not spend another dime on rehab until you have done some research.

Kentucky and Ohio have something called Casey’s Law. In Indiana, it’s called the Jennifer Act.

They are laws that allow the family to require an adult child be placed in treatment.

If you are not in one of those states. She will have to stay on her own accord.

I do videos. I have interviewed parents who finally charged their child with a crime and they dried out in jail. However, Drying out doesn’t help without some form of treatment.

My suggestion is to look for long-term treatment and sober living.

My goal is to keep them alive until they can finish a successful rehab. People do recover.

To answer your question, Yes, get the restraining order. It’s another tool for you to use to help- her.

You can find Heroin Doesn’t Care on Facebook.


by: Anonymous


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