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Recovery Diet

When you are recovering from alcohol or drug abuse, the main focus is on avoiding the substance that caused the problem in the first place. However, there is another important aspect of recovery that may be overlooked or neglected. What you eat and even when you eat can have a tremendous impact on your successful recovery.

Nutrients are depleted by substance abuse

It is safe to say that anyone who has actively abused drugs or alcohol for any length of time is undernourished. There are two reasons for this. First, the drugs and alcohol often replace regular meals, and may even affect appetite, so there is a lack of nutrients available to your body. In addition, nutrients can be depleted by the stomach upsets and diarrhea that may accompany the substance abuse.

Drugs and alcohol use results in poor absorption of nutrients

To make matters worse, alcohol and drugs can also damage the body’s ability to absorb and use the nutrients in the foods you eat. This is particularly true of the B vitamins and certain proteins. For this reason, a recovering addict has an extra special need for nutrient dense foods that will heal the damaged tissues and organs and allow the body to function as it should.

Mood swings affected by food

Aside from the malnutrition associated with substance abuse, food can also affect mood and cravings. If you feel good, you are more likely to overcome cravings, particularly in the early days of recovery. Mood swings can cause cravings and make it more difficult to resist the substance that was the basis for your addiction. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will help balance the brain chemistry and minimize the changes in mood that can hinder your progress.

Caveat: The most important thing about your recovery is that you stay the course. A balanced, healthy diet will make you feel better, and if you feel better you are less likely to relapse. Having said that, it is more important that you avoid the substance that caused the problem, than that you keep a strict diet.

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Although eating healthy is only one aspect of a successful recovery from substance abuse, by taking care of your body your chances of success will be greatly increased.

Here is a list of eating tips to help you have a successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

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