Heroin Dependence Help

Heroin Dependence Help

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Heroin Dependence Help

The hardest part about help is getting it, even though there is a lot of help available.

It’s hard because the drug addict does not want help. They want to LEFT ALONE. They know they don’t have a problem and they want everyone to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS!

Their families see it but it doesn’t matter.

Their friends see it.

Their co-workers see it.

They don’t see it and everybody else is wrong!

Actually, it is important that the addict see the problem. Without the buy-in of the addict, without him/her realizing they have a serious problem, no treatment is going to take place. They WILL REFUSE to get help to matter what!

There is a television reality show called “Intervention” which documents the denial of addicts as they are approached by family and friends to seek help. In one episode, the Drug addict, who is destroying her health, her family’s property and all of her relationships, is steadfastly in denial that there is any problem of any kind and refuses Heroin Dependence help.

Totally Lost

She curses her family for bringing it up. On video, we see how selfish she has become because of the drug. She cares for no one but herself and her Drug use comes before anything else. She refuses treatment. She refuses Heroin Dependence help. Most everything she mutters is profane. She is completely lost.

The wake left behind a drug addict is the crushed hearts of those who see the problem, want to help, but on their own, for the best of reasons, likely contribute to the problem rather than solve it. In these shows, an interventionist is called in by the family, not just to confront the addict and coax them into rehabilitation, but to coach the family and teach them communication skills.

More importantly, the interventionist teaches the family boundaries, and how to stick to those boundaries.

Heroin Dependence help is not based on enabling the addict; once rules are established they MUST be adhered to. If the rules are broken the addict MUST feel the consequences otherwise the family is going to enable the addict to continue using. No Heroin Dependence help is possible!

Heroin Dependence is a community problem

Heroin Dependence is not just a family problem. It’s a community problem and therefore, help from the community is a necessary ingredient for any addict achieving recovery. Families are too close to the addict.

They love that person, they care, they cry for them. Their loving regard for the addict blocks their objective thinking and prevents them from being the answers to the problem. They become enablers and feeding the problem. Heroin Dependence help from a professional is needed to treat all parties involved in the addiction.

Once the family and friends are on-board with the need for professional help, and new communication patterns and boundaries are established by the professional, “their” problem will become the addict’s problem.

Once the addict realizes that they have the problem, the first step towards recovery is taken.

If you know someone that needs Heroin Dependence help or if you’re struggling with an addiction, and need help call 1-800-662-HELP.

Also for more Heroin Dependence help go to Intervention

Heroin Dependence stories:

Opiate Epiphany!

by Keri

Although I’m staring at it, I can’t find anything of real interest
about the bathroom ceiling. Fighting for control can be very
overwhelming for a girl.

I vaguely consider the options I have
laid out in front of me. Think of it like a hypothetical deck of cards.
My thoughts are rolling over as I empty a coin bag into the palm of my
tremoring hand. I’m utterly focused on the task before me. Even the
drip, drip of the faucet leaking is impenetrable to my chemically
dependent brain.

Drip, drip.

I’m gently chewing the last of
the ten painkillers I’ve just popped into my mouth. The bitter taste of
the medication is sticking to the chewing surfaces of my teeth. I don’t
want to miss out on any of the euphoria, so I pick out the remnants
nonchalantly from the fissures with my fingernail.

Afterward I
examine the half moon crescent on that same finger for any evidence.
Running my tongue gently inside my lips, I ensure that nothing has been
missed. Laying back, I rest my head on my hands and wait.

Drip, drip.

for what? The million dollar question. I haven’t known for months what
I’ve been trying to achieve, and to be quite honest, I couldn’t tell you
much about that time frame at all, except the reverberations echoing
in my soul from the pain I feel and keep guarded inside my heart.

an agony comparable to the black dawn aftermath of a thousand lives
lost without reason. The release of that agony is what I’m waiting for,
and in my own way, I’ve already died a thousand times too.

the euphoria kicks in. A warmth spreads through my chest, extending down
my arms and legs like an old friend embracing me. My muscles relax, and
a smile breaks out across my face. The back of my throat is tingling
with a familiar numbness. Maybe life isn’t as bad as I thought it was.
Now is a good time to rationalize my thoughts.

Drip, drip.

I’m drumming my fingers on my chest. I may not be very good at math,
but I’m contemplating some real life equations in my head. Of course,
this all pertains to the amount of drugs I’ve ingested. Everything in
my life revolves around altering my mental state.

40 mg of Roxicet x 10 pills = 400 mg oxycodone.

it goes as planned before I took the pills, nobody will ever have to
know the embarrassment and shame I’m enduring because of my addiction.

mg of Oxycodone can cure me of internal torture and perpetual
hopelessness. 400 mg of Oxycodone can safeguard the people I love but
have mislead against my weakness and medicinal perversion.

400 mg of Oxycodone can stop me from using.

400 mg of Oxycodone can stop me, indefinitely.

My euphoria was short lived, as it often is these days.

Drip, drip.

my senses are heightened and I’m realizing the consequences of my
actions. Oh, Keri…what have you done? My heart is beginning to race. I
can feel it beating against the inside of my rib cage relentlessly, a
reminder that fate doesn’t exist and our destinies belong in our own
hands. Now the sound from the faucet is pounding in my head, is in
rhythm with my pulse. My breathing is becoming short and shallow, and I
know why it’s occurring.

Being a drug addict is bad. To be
an intelligent, informed, and self aware drug addict is horrible. My
heart rate is accelerating due to the rapid intake of Roxicet I’ve
taken. Looking down at my body, I can see a shimmer on the surface where
I’ve broken out in a cold sweat. The perspiration starts to shimmy as
my heart rate throws me into a state of levelheadedness and vertigo.

Drip, drip.

I don’t want to die.

Drip, drip.

all of my strength and reminding myself to breathe slowly, I turn over
so I’m face down. The smell of stagnant water hits me in the nose and
makes me gag. In the back of my mind, I remind myself to wash the
bathroom rug.

I pull my knees up under my chest, clasp my hands
together, and place them on top of my head in an attempt to make the
spinning stop. I need help, and I’m not sure where to turn. I turn
right, and see the mirror. I turn left and close my eyes. I’m not
afforded an escape at this location either.

This malignant mirror is not
one I can run away from by redirecting my line of vision. In my current
frame of mind (or any frame of mind, for that matter) I can’t fathom
peering into either of those mirrors. To me, that would be suicide. But
isn’t that what I’m trying to accomplish anyway?

I place my
palms on the floor and post to stand up. Once on my unsteady feet, I
stumble towards the other side of the bathroom, grasping a damp counter
for stability on the way. My eyes haven’t so much as glimpsed the enemy
(the dreaded looking glass) yet, but I can feel it’s intent stare
falling upon me.

Terror creeps up my spine like a child’s
nightmare in the dark, and that’s how I feel. Somehow I’ve fabricated my
own bogeyman. If my heart could quicken any more, it would. The vice
grip I have on the sides of the sink have me in fear that I may actually
crack the porcelain. Of course, this isn’t possible, but it’s a true
irrational thought I have while under the influence of my own
insecurities. Adorned with a cloak of fear, I slowly shift my vision so
I’m gazing directly into the eyes of my foe.

Drip, drip.

I don’t know what I’m looking at.

paralyzed by a face I don’t know. Alabaster skin with no glow. Dark
circles that are intensified by the pale contrast of the skin. I can see
dark streaks running from lash to jaw line, the end of a marathon run
by tears. The lips are cracked and dry, set lowly on the face in a
diseased version of a smile. I run my tongue over my lips. This
stranger’s face does the same.

Scanning the image before me, I hitch a breath and look into the eyes.

Drip, drip.

It’s me.

Drip, drip.

my back to the wall, I wretch in a sob and slide to the floor. My brow
starts to twitch, so I carelessly rub my finger across it. Keeping my
hand on my forehead, I let it shadow my face. I welcome the darkness
that single gesture offers, and consider myself disguised.

cry. The tears start slowly at first, and I utter no sound after the
true depth of my personal hell surfaces. A single, fat drop forms in the
corner of my eye and circles the lower lashes before streaming down my
cheek to follow in the footsteps of the previous marathon runners.

single drop gave license to my mind to allow many others to follow. I
tip my head back and feel the weight of them as they snake down my face
in small rivers. These may be the last minutes of my life, and I’m

The faucet stops.

There Is Hope

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Keri,
The loneliness and despair of your situation can sometimes feel overwhelming, but there is always hope.

have shared that “to be an intelligent, informed, and self aware drug
addict is horrible,” but can it be that one’s own intelligence can get
in the way of someone wanting to love you?

You have no answers
that you can accept, because you can’t put the pieces together. Your
own intellect denies it. Self awareness is key to unlocking what hurts,
and addicts in treatment and recovery have an opportunity to know
themselves in a very spiritual and significant way.

Are you that
aware of self? You may not believe in God, but he does believe in you
and he loves you. There’s nothing you can do about that, other than to
accept His love or reject it. God offers you life.

Go into
treatment, let the professional people help you. Let them love you. The
answers are there for you. You need that love and support. Get help
and allow the healing to begin.

My lady heroin!

by Andrew 


If you start to follow my leadership then you will be put onto my
rocky road too recovery and I mean recovery how long that takes depends
on you and how far you can cope in extreme pain and torture to yourself
remember, remember, remember that I’m not your friend.

I’m your
worse enemy and you can’t just drop me into your black hole coz I’m now
in control from that first few hits you’ll soon be mine and this is what
you can expect of me and why, why, why do you still need too cry? I’m
now going too take you follow my side and you’ll be ok or that’s what
they will say but what they wont say is that once your mine you not
going back without feeling my pain drain you body away into desire.

I’m going to take you to the dark side.

going too take you too the dark side, take over your life and I’m now
in control from the moment that you use my heroin and chase until you
have a tolerance or inject into your body I’m “Lady Heroin” I’m going to
make you follow me onto your next faze of addiction and the long road
too recovery and too take back control of your life as I’m now in
control, but don’t worry coz I’ve got control off you and while you got
me you don’t need no-body else and if you try too drop me you will fell
the wrath of my destruction and I’ll turn your body into total disarray,
and really make you hurt unless you follow my rules now.

In one
way I will help you but on the other when you haven’t got me I’m going
too put you through hell, sweat’s, shakes, vomiting, constipation,
muscle spasms, cramps and all the thoughts and depression etc will come
back too intensive, too deal with and I know you will come running back
to me coz I’m in control now “Lady Heroin”. I can make you feel well but
there is a price to pay fore my help and that price is you and you

The only winner is me and you will soon know this as time
goes by. If you get upset I’m there, if you feel lonely I’m there, if
you feel depressed I’m there but it will cost you your life to keep me
in control and keep you on the dark side. The only loser is YOU and my
distributors are the people who are earning from your self abuse are my
leaders and are taking your life away from you and its self abuse! and
the reasons behind that are blocked away from the world when you use me
“Lady Heroin”. The best lesson to learn from this little poem is leaving
it alone because there is only one winner and that’s “Lady Heroin”.

I’m now in control!

hard it may seem there is a way forward but I won’t help you if you
give in to me/your own self control, you will have too start my sordid
little game again because I’m “Lady Heroin and I’m now in control, don’t
ever forget that!.

The only way too move forward is if you can
see my plan for yourself and take back the control in your life, I swear
it will not be easy but there is a way forward just don’t play my
losing game coz yore the loser in this exchange, although it my hurt now
I promises you this that if you build up your strength and take back
the control there is way forward ill promises you that.

It won’t
be easy on your journey but the key too success is follow through with
your plan and don’t come running back coz then you’ll have to start the
whole process again, the feelings and thoughts here should help you take
control now and stop my dirty torture on your body otherwise there is
only one winner and that’s me remember that coz I’m “Lady Heroin” now
take back your control hope you well you will need it as it’s a cruel
world out there don’t let it take advantage of you and stop now and
think of a better day and a brighter future.

It’s all there if
you really want it but its your choice too use me you now know my rules
now lets play once again I bet you can relate to what I’m saying “ Screw
this bull, praying and stop this delaying it’s only your future your

Promises coincide with my demise don’t watch your life pass before your eyes.

Written in the words of Andrew.

and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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