Adderall Addiction Problem, Additional Questions

by Gham

Dear Sir (madam),

I have a son who uses Amphetamine (Adderall) to improve attention at school for 6
months and now he appears to have become addicted, and I am going to give him a
treatment course.

I have two questions:

1. Generally speaking, if he is clean for one year(by random urine test) after
treatment (regardless of method of treatment or facilities), what would be the
relapse rate?

2. If drug free state lasted for one year (random urine test), would relapse
rate varies between different treatment methods or facilities used ?

I appreciate you prompt answer.

Whatever Works

by: Ned Wicker

Addiction is a disease that has no cure. Relapse is always possible. It also possible to move from Adderall addiction to alcohol addiction.

However, it is a disease that can be managed. People can overcome the addiction and live a happy, healthy and productive life.

As the old saying goes, “One day at a time” applies to addiction and the longer a person stays clean the better.

Is it possible to relapse? Yes.

The treatment program itself, as I see it, is not the most important factor. There are many approaches to the treatment of the disease and there are countless success stories.

Some can stop using for five years and start again if they don’t continue to manage their recovery.

Addiction recovery is about change, the addict must change in order to stop using and relapse occurs at any time when the addict goes back to old ways of thinking.

What is important in this case is the recovery process and whether or not a recovering addict does the things that are in their best interest.

Again, this is about management.

I am a diabetic and that means I have to manage my disease. Addicts need to rebuild their lives and change behaviors.

That might mean going to meetings, getting periodic check ups, or any other activity that helps break the cycle of addiction.

If a certain environment triggers addictive behavior, they need to change environments.

If a circle of friends is unhealthy for a recovering addict, they need to find new friends.

Don’t revisit the old life, but move forward.

We are body, mind and spirit, so it is important to address each one of these to maintain balance and good health.

Staying clean for a year is cause for celebration.

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