Comments for Adderall Addiction Problem?

Professional Help Is Needed

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Gham,

It is good that your son recognizes his problem and it sounds like he is blessed to have a strong support system to encourage his entry into treatment and recovery.

That support network is also vital, moving forward, to help him stay healthy. From your question, I get the impression that academic pressure was the catalyst to his using the medication, and what was intended for good got out of control and he abused it.

I also understand that after treatment, once he was back in his familiar environment, he went back to using. That tells you something important.

You need to get him out of Philly and away from the environment that got him into trouble. While our policy is not to recommend any specific treatment center, in this case located in NYC, we do recommend you gather information and educate yourself on what needs to be done to help him.

Addiction is a family disease, so if one member has it, you are all in the same boat.

Let your doctor or a drug addiction professional do the recommending here, to assess exactly what kind of program is going to be the most effective for your son.

There are so many fine treatment centers, but they are not all alike, and so it becomes important for a skilled person to ascertain the exact nature of the addiction and how best to proceed.

You can call around and try to get a feel for the different treatment centers, but I still recommend a talk with your doctor.

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