Addicted to oxycodone

My son is addicted to (shooting up) oxycodone, has to be high all the time! If he can’t get pills he has to have spice or pot, lays in bed all day, does not work, asks me for money everyday, now he is starting to threaten me, today he said he felt like assaulting me, if I don’t give in to him, he is threatening.

He has been in and out of jail and detox, will not go to rehab on his own, I want him out but he won’t go, what can I do?

His Problem is Your Problem

by: Ned Wicker

Your son abuses drugs, doesn’t work, lays around all day and lives with you free of any obligation. His disease has progressed to the point where any interference with his getting high results in a confrontation and he threatens you. He won’t go to treatment. You’re his parent and you feel responsible.

This is exactly what the disease of addiction wants. He slowly kills himself and ruins his life and yours, and you pay for all of it.

Oxycodone is nasty stuff and those dependent on it need help. You need to force the issue, no matter how harsh you think that might be. He either gets into treatment of kick him out and let him kill himself.

There has to be a bottom line, consequences and you can’t be the one paying for it all. He has to be a man and take care of his business. Let Al-Anon help you through this process. Call them and accept their support.

I would also recommend if he refuses to leave that you call the police, explain the situation and let them handle it. You are in a VERY, VERY serious situation and you must act now!

Good Luck!

Use the cops !!!!

by: Anonymous

Have the police come over and get him outta your house. End of story…

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