My husband is a heroin addict!

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My husband is a heroin addict!

Everything you have mentioned in your story is absolutely right. I have been married for 2 and half years my husband has been a heroin addict since a year or maybe more, but I knew it last year.

My situation is different because he went to rehab for 3 days. He told me while I was at work before he checked into rehab 2 hours. His mum and his uncle and himself didn’t tell me which type of drugs he was talking. They told me Tramadol but as I was the last one to know about the rehab. I had no time to process everything.

Then after he checked out of rehab no one told me until the next day. His mum called me and told me he went out yesterday of rehab and take money from her to get HEROIN. Then I felt as I was in an action movie, like, is it real?

Then I called him and he was crying. I told him calm down and go home till I finished my work and come home. Then the biggest drama had started, he stopped heroin by replacing it with Tramadol and keep on like that for a month I guess.

Then I found out he took money from his mum but she didn’t tell me. Then I started to notice that after I’d go to work, he immediately would go out to buy a heroin. Then I confronted him and he was shouting and screaming at me. Then I told him it isn’t a big deal just tell me then we can see together what we can do, I took him to a doctor and the doctor told him you have to be the one who wants to quit heroin not coz of anyone else.

The next day he went to buy a heroin as if nothing was said with the doctor. Then I told him we can go to rehab just for withdrawal symptoms and stay a few days to be clean and come back home. He told no coz he had a very bad experience at rehab every time he was taking money and tell me I will use the same way and take Tramadol to quit heroin, but he can’t.

All this drama has been in my life for more than a year then I told him you have to leave the home I really did my best and his mum and his family are blaming me coz I was knowing that he was taking and didn’t force him, they don’t wanna believe me when I told them no one can force him to stop but himself. They made a fun of me. Then his mum doesn’t wanna take him and I called her and told her I can’t take it anymore. Guess what she said and did … She told me okay send him to me but there is nothing between you and him anymore. She told me that I left him in the hardest time. After all I did even though she said that he was still in my home and didn’t leave but he called her to ask for money then she told him come at night to take it.

I was worried when she told him that but he didn’t listen to me. He went to her and found people were waiting for him in the street to take him to rehab be forcing him. Then his aunt called me to tell me he is at a rehab and prepare his clothes and they didn’t wanna tell me which rehab or even give my a phone number to check on him as am if I’m a dog not his wife. All that coz I said I can’t take it anymore for your info my health was really bad and my weight is 42 K. I couldn’t send him to rehab by this way coz he is a man and 33 years old. His and his family are keeping telling me he was okay when he married you, why he became a heroin addict. I swear of God it has nothing to do with me I even don’t smoke.

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Don’t be fooled!

by: Katerina


I have been dating a heroin addict for almost 6 years now and I can tell you that he won’t ever stop using. I’ve done everything in my power to help him change because he’s told me since day one he wanted to stop using but he doesn’t and i know it was all manipulation from the gate.

He’s learned how to manipulate even himself just to justify his using. It’s an awful way to live being the one in love with the addict. I would never EVER wish this upon even my worst enemy! I’ve never been more hurt by anyone in my life. All the empty promises, lies and deceit all to cover up his using heroin. It’s awful!!

I love him very much but he isn’t going to stop not for me, not for his kids, not for anything!! I’ve tried accepting his use, fighting his use, helping him get help for his use, tough love, unconditional love, blah blah blah and nothing has made anything between us any better.

He’s selfish, mean, nasty, scandalous, manipulative, deceitful, untrustworthy, a straight up liar about everything and just not a very nice person when hes “sick” or even sometimes when hes “loaded” but when he’s being the guy i fell in love with i wanted so desperately to believe the wonderful things he would tell me. He would cry saying how sorry he was that he could ever treat me so wrong and swear up and down that it would all get better.

We would have wonderful times sometimes where i felt he loved me so much but at the drop of a dime he would go from that guy to number one asshole the meanest guy i knew and the most hurtful to me, the only one that really loved him. Turn on me like you wouldn’t believe. Saying ridiculous things like he heard me talking to some random guy, whatever his sick mind would convince him of just to justify his using and treating me so badly. It’s completely insane!!

If i was a weak person someone like that could of totally shattered and destroyed my spirit and being but thank God i could see his screwed up ways and knew the things he would do and say were just all his sickness that he used to justify his whole existence.

In the end though he always chose heroin over me or us. I never came first and never would of no matter how good he could make me feel, i began to realize it was all always lies to keep me near to him.

We just recently have separated because i chose to not allow him and his selfish addiction to be in control of my life as well. I couldn’t let it consume me any longer. It was the most disturbing sick relationship I’ve ever had and so much pain all the time, it wasn’t worth it AT ALL!!

I used to tell him that I truly believed that he would leave me on the side of the road to die if he was “sick” and wanted to get loaded. I still believe that even more so.

Yes, heroin addicts are master manipulators and know just what to say but that’s all it ever was, mere words to pacify me and keep me with him.

If your involved with a heroin addict and you just started out LEAVE HIM NOW and save yourself ALL THE PAIN AND MISERY YOU WILL FOR SURE ENDURE UNTIL YOU LEAVE HIM! I’M not even over exaggerating at all.

Like i said i wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy! Good luck and be strong, love yourself and your life and happiness more than him and his addiction because trust me your not his number one … heroin is and as long as it’s in his life that won’t ever change.

I still love him but it has to be from afar now for my own sake. Ever heard that saying “misery loves company” well that applies big time with him. I wish anyone in this situation much strength, wisdom, and self love.

Good luck. Very sincerely,


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