The one thing I swore I’d never do.

I am 17yrs old and have just started smoking crack about 2-3 months ago. I smoke it whenever I can. For the most part i haven’t bought it other people will and they will smoke it with me.

I’ve read most of these stories about addiction, I’ve watched videos, I’ve seen pictures. I’m not going to lie I am scared that I will end up that way. But right now I do not feel addicted . . .

I don’t crave for it until I’ve taken the first hit. When it’s all gone I clinch my teeth, I have to be touched, I can’t stay still, I bite my finger nails till they bleed, can’t sleep, don’t want to eat.

And then after I’ve been through all that for a couple of hours those feelings go away and everything is alright …….

I really don’t know what I should say that would be inspiring because I was kind of writing this to get some inspiration or advice myself……..

Hope everyone see’s that my symptoms are only the beginning of a soon to be crack addict.

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