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Addiction to Drug

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A Lot of Addiction to Drug Programs to Choose From?

Drug Treatment programs for alcoholism/addiction are as varied as the types of problems they treat. Although, it isn’t our purpose to endorse one kind of treatment over another, we’ll try to give you an overview on the topic.

Addiction to Drug

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

Drug Treatment may consist of: behavioral and cognitive therapy, medication, or a combination.

Therapy can include counseling, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy and psychotherapy which could include motivational interviewing.. Also, there is the 12-Step recovery program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous-AA, which is now used by over 250 self-help groups and can be very successful.

Motivational Interviewing has shown a lot of promise for addiction treatment.

Motivational interviewing is a technique used by therapists to help with harm reduction. It’s a non-judgemental way of being with someone that encourages them to develop their own change plan to end their addiction.

Because it’s a client centered therapy it focuses on encouraging and responding to change talk that allows the addict the space to figure out what makes sense for them as they explore why they use and what the pros and cons of quitting are from them in their lives. MI   is an evidence based therapy that has shown significant success and helping people to change their lives and end their drug use on their terms.

Selecting a Program for Addiction to Drug

There are several things to keep in mind when selecting a treatment program, or center. Foremost is the fact that everybody has an individual need and treatment programs must be tailored to meet that need. One size fits all does not apply.

Recovery needs to take place in the right setting, with the right services and treatments to best effect a positive outcome.

Even if a person does not voluntarily check-in to a treatment program, it does not mean the treatment will be ineffective. Many people present themselves for treatment by court order, not of their own free will, and can receive the same benefit as those who are there voluntarily.

When a person is ready for treatment it is important for that treatment to be ready for him/her. Services must be available, because if a person has to endure being put on a waiting list, or has to drive long distances to receive treatment, the odds are against them from the get go.

It’s easy for people to fall between the cracks if help is not readily available.

In many cases, people entering treatment need to go through medical detoxification. While it is an important first step in the treatment program, detox is not the whole answer to the problem. People need to get the drugs out of their system, but that does not address the long-term problems of addiction.

Must meet your needs!

Treatment programs need to meet the needs of people, beyond the physical and emotional addiction problem itself. We are body, mind and spirit. Intervention that does not include all of a person’s needs falls short of the minimum goal of the program.

Addiction is as much about the spirit as it is about the mind and body. Many addicts going into recovery has legal problems to sort out, job problems, social integration problems. Every aspect of the person’s life needs to be addressed.

Needs change and treatment programs need to change as those needs change. Progress or the lack of progress needs to be assessed on an ongoing basis. What was necessary in the first phases of treatment may need to be changed as time goes on. Perhaps a patient is on medication initially, but will later require counseling or psychotherapy. There may be family matters to work through, or vocational training.

Why 12-STEP?

We recommend that whatever treatment program you choose that you also enroll in a 12-step program. A 12-step program will help address your spiritual needs rather than just your medical needs.We have listed each step below and hope that you will take some time to review each step and consider what it would do for your/your loved ones recovery.

Go to the 12-step for Drug Addiction Treatment program.


Just as one size does not fit all patients, sometimes one Addiction to Drug Treatment program does not completely rid the patient of the addiction problem. Therefore, many patients need subsequent Addiction to Drug Treatment programs to win over the addiction. By nature, people like to do things their own way

They make mistakes They stumble and fall

Sometimes long-term programs are the answer, or many times through the program.

The important thing is to continue to try to stay clean.

Brother needs help!

by Monica


To whom it may concern.

My brother lives in New York City and I live in Germany. That’s why I can’t help him very much.
I also can’t help him financially. He’s alone there. He has a teen-aged daughter, that doesn’t want to see him very often, because of
his problems.

His ex-wife doesn’t help him either. She doesn’t understand or doesn’t wish too. She only knows to criticize him, and only aggravates his daughter against him. He’s very sick he has emphysema. He was already many times for emergency at the hospital, because he couldn’t breath enough air.

I think he doesn’t have any Medicare, or any way that he can pay for his

Thank you for your attention.

With kind regards.

He needs to find a good free clinic!

by Debbie Wicker

Dear Monica,

Your brother has a lot of free services available to him, he just needs to find them. New York City has a LARGE network of excellent free clinics that will provide service for him if he goes to them. I work at a free clinic and can tell you that the care our patients receive is as good or better than at a paid clinic.

Once he finds a good free clinic he needs to describe everything he is struggling with and they should help him to find the services he needs to get better.

Also, both of you should be going to AA or NA and working the 12 steps. You could work them in Germany and he could do the same in New York. You could talk weekly about you progress in the program which should be very beneficial to your brother as he moves out of his addiction.


and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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