Alcohol excessive drinking had seizure?

by Joyce

(Alberta Canada)

Excessive drinking had seizure, please explain?

Alcohol poisoning and seizures

by: Ned Wicker

One of the dreadful effects of drinking is alcohol poisoning and seizures. This may not be what you want to hear, but you or your loved on obviously have had an adverse reaction to alcohol, too much alcohol, so this is something you need to examine very closely to avoid another episode.

Your doctor might have a much better explanation and plan for you, and I would recommend highly that you go to your physician and have a complete medical workup. The drinking has caused you distress, so that is going to be a key issue for you moving forward.

It is best that you do not drink at all, but to do this you need guidance and support. Go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and allow that organization to help you. I would be shocked if you went to a meeting and discovered that nobody in the building had ever had a seizure , or other serious side effects of excessive drinking.

You are not alone. The bottom line is the best way to avoid an alcohol-related seizure is to not take the next drink. Make that contact with AA. It’ll be worth it.

If your loved one is the one who had the seizure you should contact Al-Anon so that they can help you learn the best way to help some suffering from the disease of alcoholism.

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