Comments for Battling Prescription Drug Abuse

Needed Conversation

by: Ned Wicker

We live in a society that has a pill for everything, but sometimes the pills cause additional hardships.

The first thing you should do is have a frank, open discussion with your doctor. If you are addicted to something he/she has prescribed, you need to map out an alternative plan and decide on a more suitable course of action.

If you do not have a prescription and are buying your drugs on the street, you need to have that conversation anyway.

No matter how you are getting your drugs, you need treatment, even if you’ve had treatment in the past.

The number of times doesn’t matter.

It’s not just a matter of quitting; you need to be equipped to deal with the dependence.

You can overcome this, but you need help. Have that discussion and allow the treatment.

Assume you need to go through four distinct processes:

1. Medical and Mental Health exam and assessment.

2. Medically supervised detoxification.

3. Stop Using by entering a treatment center where they prevent you from using.

4. You need to go to AA, NA or church sponsored meetings DAILY to move into recovery not just receive treatment. If you don?t successfully enter a 12 Step program your chances of relapse are extremely high.

Good Luck to you and please ask other questions if we can help you in any way.

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