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Where Did My Friend Go?

by: Ned Wicker

So let me get this straight, he does drugs because YOU left him? It’s your fault and your responsibility. He’s the anti-drug guy. Hello!

I don’t blame you for wanting the old guy back. Addiction just robs people of their values, their humanity and their vitality. As long as he is using, there is no room for a meaningful relationship, but I respect the fact that you don’t want to let go. You can be a friend.

I have a couple of thoughts. Joe Herzanek’s book, “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” is filled with answers that people just like you ask every day. Joe is a jail chaplain and has spent years ministering to people just like your boyfriend. He has gone through the gauntlet of addiction, so he knows how people think and why they do what they do. You can get the book on Amazon, or and there is even a link on this website.

Also, your local Al-Anon chapter might help you formulate a game plan and assist you in dealing with your friend.

Before he is worthy of you, and I do hope you are worthy of being worthy, he must first take care of himself, own up to his addiction and be a man. Anything short of that, anything short of his receiving treatment and going into a good recovery program, is only going to hurt you in the end if you don’t draw a line in the sand and set a good standard for yourself.

There is hope.

Maybe that old friend of yours might show up again. If he doesn’t, you probably need to move on.

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