Boyfriend addicted to crack for 25 years

by Kate


My boyfriend of 8 years has been addicted to crack for over 20 years. I stood by him thru it… all he lies and lies and is always angry but only at me.

He drinks and becomes verbally abusive why does he believe what his crack dealer tells him and not believe me?

He dumped me at least 30 times in 8 years but how can he believe a dope dealer over me? I’ve been there for him thru it all and I don’t do drugs.

He is so angry at me for no reason and he lies so much and can’t remember his lies but i never forget them. He makes excuses all the time. He’s 49, lives with his mommy doesn’t have any responsibility, mommy cooks, makes his bed, his lunch, irons his clothes.

I have a good job own my home never did or do drugs. Why would a man abuse and treat a good woman like me the way he does? He is so angry and it’s really disgusting.

I know your gonna ask why am I putting up with it and why am i still with him? I think because i have no self esteem left he knocked me down so much i don’t feel good about me. I don’t feel pretty or good enough and he tells me no one will want me. I believe i also enable him and he knows he can treat me like shXX and I’ll always be there.

But I’m really tired i am physically sick as to how someone can treat another human being the way he treats me. I am a good person anyone will tell you.

Please help me and help me figure out why i stay with a loser dope addict who offers me nothing and never will and why does he believe his dope dealers over me?

Dead End Road

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Kate,

Your boyfriend’s disease is well advanced and judging from your description of his life, nothing is going to change. He needs treatment, but in order for him to get into treatment, his comforts must be removed.

Mommy has to kick him out, you have to dump him and he needs to realize that there is no alternative. He has his two women to support him, so why change? He acts like a child, but there are no consequences.

Your self-esteem issues stem from misperception. Aside from any professional success you might have had in your life, you have value because God says you have value. Look to the objective truth.

You are dearly loved. Why not cozy up to the one who loves you the most and let him tell you what you are worth to him. Take care of yourself first, do not settle for being mistreated, when the one who made you wants to lavish you with love and praise.

You also need support. Go to Al-Anon and talk to their members about your situation, believe me, they’ll understand.

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