Caught sniffing cocaine?

by Wendy

My brother was caught sniffing cocaine. I have suspected he was addicted to some kind of drug but wasn’t sure exactly sure what it was. He was addicted to prescription pills in the past.

How can i help him?

Action Needed

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Wendy,

Sometimes it is difficult for family members to be of any help, because you are too close to the situation to be objective. Not knowing how long your brother has been using the cocaine, it’s impossible really to determine whether or not he is in trouble.

But assuming the worst case scenario, cocaine is highly addictive and addicts fold under the crushing pressure of the cravings that follow. He may tell you that he can quit at any time, but it’s a lie because he can’t. Few people just walk away from cocaine.

Al-anon was created for people like you, who want to help their brother but don’t necessarily know what to do first. The members have been through it all, and believe me, it’s nice to have somebody who really understands your experience. Give them a call and let someone help you.

You can also talk to the rest of the family and get their perspectives. Addicted or not, doing cocaine is serious business and it should be a concern.

As his use progresses, as the disease of addiction sets in, as he continues to make bad lifestyle choices, his life will begin to unravel. Left unchecked, his cocaine use may cause problems at work, or financial problems, or legal problems. Obviously there are health concerns. The family needs to be a part of his treatment and recovery.

The last thing I would do is be silent. It’s not OK to do a couple of lines of coke for recreation. Your brother may or may not understand that he is in jeopardy of stumbling down on a long and miserable path. Make some noise and find out what is really going on.

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