Childhood from hell!!

by Marina

(Salt Lake City, Utah,United States)

Here’s my names marina, I am 17 years old and I am not the one that was drugs, but I am the one who had to deal with it the most.

Since I was 13 my parents were on drugs and I didn’t know anything in the beginning I just knew that my parents were acting out of the normal, they were always in the bathroom and never giving us the attention they used to.

Always looking out the window and disappearing into the bathroom every 5 minutes. I got scared because I found out they were doing drugs and the worst part was that it was not only my parents but it was also my aunt and uncle and a few more people.

We never were able to stay in a place longer then 6 months then we were kicked out living with my grandma or a family friend and nothing ever got better.

The one thing that I hated was that I knew their drug dealer and they treated me as if I was nothing.. I would be with the drug dealer and they would go squeal to my parent and all I could do was cry in the car because I didn’t want to go inside.

My parents were together since they were 14 years old and they separated because my father was fed up with the life we were living and my mom didn’t want to change.

My dad left my mother for another women. My parents do not do drugs now but just the thought of my family tearing apart because of a stupid drug ruined my life!

My mom is now in jail because she hasn’t changed fully I should say; she does not do any drugs from what I am aware of but her boyfriend is a ex drug dealer she said. But I don’t believe her and she was caught with a lot of drugs on her and got pulled over and now is serving her time.

I hate that the drug wasn’t even hers it was her stupid friends but she met those friends from her boyfriend, I don’t say I hate people but I do hate him with a passion.

He made my mom a partier and a person she wasn’t before, I miss the mom that acted like a mom. My mom is like a teenager because the life she is living is not a life as an adult. My story is to tell people that if you are or have gone through what I have, your not alone and to just stay strong and don’t feel sad or upset everything will be good in the end.

I am now a senior and with great grades and a job and did it on my own. Even though I had a messed up childhood I did it and so can you.

Thank you

by: Alicia

Thank you so much for sharing your story. That truly inspired me, I have the same story as you do, I’d love to get in contact with you and talk some more.

Childhood from hell

by: Lynette


Dear Marina-Thank you very much for sharing your story. I am a recovering alcoholic and I have not drank for 25 years.

My son is 27 and is in jail. He has been struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction since he was 14 years old. It has REALLY hurt my family-my husband and I and our daughter-as well as our extended family.

I go to Al Anon meetings and they have helped me a lot. I also go to a counselor, talk to my minister and see a physician’s assistant. Try to get all the support you can get.

I am reading the best book I have ever read which is an Al Anon book called OPENING OUR HEARTS-TRANSFORMING OUR LOSSES. It talks about learning how to deal with the losses we’ve had due to another’s addiction, how to grieve the losses we’ve had and how to get help from our higher power and the Al Anon program.

Right now (for 3 months) I have been working on being in recovery from being an enabler and codependent with my son. Before I always helped him in every way I knew how to – but now I realize that only hurt him – because it allowed him to continue what he was doing.

I am trying to detach from him with love. It is hard because this is new to me. Even though I attended Al Anon meetings before it took me until now to “get it”.

Well, best of luck to you and I’ll pray for you-Lynette

Way to go Marina!

by: Judy

Dear Marina,

You are amazing. What a great role model you will be for your own kids and how wonderful that you did not continue that cycle!

You can take something “bad” in your life and use it to be a great example to others that just because of your circumstances, doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck there.

It will be exciting to see where you go from here. Please keep us all posted?and if you like, please go to my FB page “Why Don’t They JUST QUIT? Book and DVD”!/WhyDontTheyJustQuit

. . . to stay in touch with us! Take care,

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