Daughter’s boyfriend using heroin?

by Anna

I just found out yesterday that my daughter’s boyfriend has been using heroin for a little under a year. I do not have a lot of the details but she has told me that he wasn’t using too often and that he is detoxing now at home (well, supposedly at his dad’s home).

She said he went yesterday to get paperwork and he has an appointment Tuesday for an assessment, then will start some type of counseling where he goes every day for 3 to 5 hours. I just know so little about this and am wondering if this all sounds correct?

I worry for my daughter even though she has told me that he is not staying at the house with her and their son anymore. I am just praying that she is not being naive about it all and have suggested to her that she, or we, go to al-anon. Is this something that could benefit her? We are in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

She has asked me not to talk to anyone about this(family wise) so I feel I have nobody to turn to for answers. Not even sure family could help me out on this one though 🙁

Be Wise

by: Ned Wicker

Al-Anon is a great choice for you and your daughter. It’s not just the user who needs help, it’s families and girlfriends too.

Addiction is a family disease, so it is necessary for family members to have a part in the process. Your daughter is wrong there. The father of her children is in trouble, so it is not good to hide it or sweep it under the rug.

It’s a disease, so treat it like a disease. As for his detox. At home? Really? You and your daughter can’t believe what he says because he is likely to lie. Who knows what he is really doing. There are good out-patient detox programs, so is that what he is doing?

Treatment and recovery are not singular activities, like reading a book. You need to rebuild your life and form healthy, positive relationships.

Hillary Clinton said “It takes a village,” and addicts in recovery need community. Your daughter has to be smart about this. If she wants the relationship with him, she needs to educate herself.

Joe Herzanek’s book “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” is a good resource (http://whydonttheyjustquit.com)

Make that Al-Anon call. Good move.

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