Smoking meth for 10 years!

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Smoking meth for 10 years!

by Peter

(Melbourne, Australia)

I have smoked meth on and off for 10+ years now. It has taken a long time to get to where i am now, I’ve been able to stop for 10 months here, 3 months there quiet often and am at a stage where I might smoke one night and then not have any for 3 or so weeks and that would be fine accept that during those weeks I seem to find myself doing it again.

Yes, it controls me, when I’m around it but i have learned and been able to say no and also been able to not need it for long amounts of time but i feel like i need help in understanding how to completely remove it from my life.

I live in St Kilda Melbourne and would like it if you could send me some information about any programs that you think would help me or a doctor that would be able to help me with this.

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AA 12 step program always a good choice 

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Peter,

Congratulations on all of the progress you’ve made with your addiction. Cutting down is always a good idea but many find that the drug does seem to creep back into their life.

Finding a program that allows you to totally get rid of meth from your life is an excellent idea.

I would recommend starting an AA 12-step program, working the steps all the way through and finding a male sponsor who has stopped using meth is your best bet to end your own use.

There are some AA meetings in St. Kilda and here is the information about them:

Steps Meeting – Tuesdays 7:30pm
Cora Graves Centre, 38 Blessington St , St Kilda


There is a beginners group at:

Wednesdays at 7:00pm
Galiamble House, 10 Mitchell St, St Kilda

You should probably attend both groups to start with and then see which one you’d like to attend on a long term basis. Often people go to at least two meetings a week for help and support.

The 12-step program has proven to be the most useful program to help people to understand their addiction and to control it.

Each of us is completely unique and so, because addiction is a disease of the brain, our addiction is unique. The 12-steps help us to address our own specific addiction issues and to move past them.

Ultimately it would be great if you completely stop using and became a sponsor for someone else who is trying to quit. Reaching out to others is often the best way to help ourselves.

Good Luck,


To You 

by: Anonymous

Im 16 and I have been in two treatments in a year I feel like NA and AA will help you or go to a treatment mostly just look for as much support as you can get, it will help you and I know you will be successful Good Luck.


Story of my brother 

by: Anonymous

My brother has the same story, and we brought him to Acadia rehab last year, at first he said he can’t do it, but now we are thankful because he never used it again and he is starting a new life.

you’ll hit bottom! 

by: Anonymous

You’ll loose your teeth, then freak out and stop.

ex meth addict 

by: Anonymous

Hi, I am an ex meth addict, I have been clean now for 10 years, but not before I landed myself into a prison.You might ask why, well let me tell you.

Meth was where I turned to bury bury my pain instead of facing it. I wanted to be numb,and not care about anything, I cared nothing for myself and others, I cared nothing for freedom and would do bad things just to get my next fix.

I know now that this life is not me, I saved myself, I knew that there were programs to help me, but I also knew that I had to want the help, I committed myself to go forward and only look back for advice. I invited relapse as another bad habit, and gave it no power, I quit because relapse was never an option!

Horrible addiction  

by: Anonymous

I too have smoked meth on and off for to close to 10 years, I’m 26yr old female, small framed and defeated. It slowly but surely controlled and ruined my whole life, health and happiness.

I am so worried for the damage I have done to my mind, body and soul. I’m definitely over doing this to myself. Please I recommend to anyone to seek professional help, through their GP.

Please tell me it will get better!?

Meth addiction can effect mental health. 

by: Debbie Wicker

Will it get better? It will but you must stop all meth useage and then allow your brain to readjust. Because you’ve been using for 10 years this readjustment could take 6 months to year and sometimes longer.

For reasons not well understood, meth attacks our brain is such a way that it causes psychological disturbance that does not often immediately go away after withdrawal. Please consider going to a psychiatrist and allow them to help you to overcome the negative psychological effects from your meth use.

You are young and should be able to regain your mental health if you work with a doctor to do so and are patient allowing your brain to heal itself from the trauma it has experienced.

Good Luck,


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