Daughter’s husband in trouble

by Jim

My wife’s daughter’s husband was picked up with drugs, and fire arms. This is not the first time. He spent time
before for the same problem. We have tried to inform her that it will not stop. But he is promising her it will if she will get him out of jail.

He might have to do 15 years this time in a state prison, what should she do?

Daughter’s husband in trouble

by: Lynette


Hi Jim,

I can sympathize with you. My son has been in trouble quite a lot. He is now in jail and will probably be in there for about 2 years, and this is not his first time. He is a drug addict.

It is VERY tough for the family. I love my son but, through Al Anon meetings, I have learned that I need to detach from him with love. That means I cannot help him because if I do it just makes it easier for him to repeat the same behavior. I highly recommend Al Anon for you and your daughter. It is for families and friends of alcoholics and drug addicts. The program also teaches that we must take care of ourselves first.

That was another thing I had to learn because all I used to do was help my son in any way I could-bail him out, give him money, get him a lawyer, ETC… to the point where I really got run down myself. I’m determined not to let that happen again and it’s been four years now so I’m doing better.

Good luck to you and I’ll pray for you and your daughter.-Lynette

Tough Situation

by: Ned Wicker

It is a shame that it came to this. Your son in-law has denied any problem, continued to slip into the drug culture and is paying the price now. She pays too.

You and your daughter might want to turn to Al-Anon and get help and support. There is so much for parents, wives and husbands to learn about addiction and why the one they love is in so much trouble.

Addiction is a family disease, not just the problem for the addicted member. The really dirty side to this kind of life is the drug sales, guns, killings and subsequent run-ins with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. If her husband can avoid a lengthy prison sentence and is willing to go into treatment, there may be some hope for the marriage.

As it stands now, she has no marriage. I hope he can get help.

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