Ecstacy: How it took my life away.

My names austin…im 14 years old and it all started about 6-7 months ago. I started using ecstacy to experiment and just for was this way for about a month until my best friend died from abuse…thats when I fell into addiction, I started using to take the pain away, it was one of the only ways to be happy and I was..until I came down…I still use..ocassionally and im on my way to recovery, last time I used was new years eve..its now January 4th and im craving it SOOO bad, I do it almost every day, and now this is the 4th day…wish me luck, and stay clean everybody..after a while it seems like ecstacy is the only way to be happy…dont let it take your life away too…


by: Lynette

Hi Austin,
First of all I am so sorry to hear about your friend who died of abuse – I don’t think you mean drug abuse but physical abuse – but I don’t know for sure. Either way it is very sad and I lost one of my best friends to a car accident when I was in 11th grade so I know the PAIN.

My son has been a drug addict for 13 years. He is now 27 and in jail. You have no idea what me and my family have been through – horrible, heartbreaking things. PLEASE stop now. Using drugs is a downward spiral and it is a progressive disease.

I really think that going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (they talk about drug addiction, too) or a Narcotics Anonymous meeting would really help you. There you meet others who have been through the same or similar things as you. I go to Al Anon meetings for friends and families of alcoholics and drug addicts and they help me a lot.

I am so glad that you are reaching out at a young age. I can also relate because I am a recovering alcoholic so I know how enormous the cravings can be. I went to Alcoholics Anonymous for a long time and still go sometimes.

There are many better things to live for in live. Try taking it just an HOUR at a time. And, as Ned said, get all the support you can get-meetings, seeing a counselor, talking to a clergy or doctor.

Good luck and I’ll pray for you-Lynette

There Is Hope

by: Ned Wicker

Austin, you are like so many people who try drugs just for the sake of a new experience. I am so sorry about your friend, but you now realize just how dangerous street drugs can be.

Have you told your parents? Are you reaching out for help and support, or are you trying to tough it out and do this alone?

Alone doesn’t work with addiction, you need help and the support of your family. Kids rarely want to tell their parents anything and so often parents have no idea what’s going on. I hope you are not alone and isolated. You should consider getting help.

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