Scared and Addicted

by Lisa


I’m scared to talk to my GP…. as I’ve been on different anti-depressants half a dozen times and they just don’t work….

What would you suggest is the best way of quitting a 15 year addiction to amphetamines… i can not go any lower than what I’ve now become…

I’ve just want my husband to know how little life i have which means much at all…. i look at myself after a week or two off it….lazy, dirty, really don’t give a f***… i can not be bothered…. just sleep… eat….sleep…. eat…. until it’s too much to face….. back again for more…. just to feel anything like normal.. in fact if only to get me out of my bed…pit…. no pride left…. i hate myself more… please help..

You Need Treatment

by: Ned Wicker

Even though you are afraid to see your doctor, you should probably get a complete physical exam, as the amphetamine abuse has given you a beating over the years. As for the anti-depressants, doing those along with the amphetamine makes no sense, so you need to get into treatment and learn to live without the amphetamines.

It is also proven that meditation can help and actually alter brain chemistry. You need to take care of yourself here and just give yourself an opportunity to get your life back on track.

Call AA and get some support. You need to understand that you can’t just quit and you can’t do this on your own. Your husband also needs support, so he can know how to help you. Al-Anon is a great organization for that. There is hope. Just take a positive step forward and allow people to help you and your family.

Scared and Addicted

by: Lynette


Hi Lisa-

Thanks for writing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am a recovering alcoholic and I have not drank for 25 years.

When I first wanted to quit I went to my medical doctor. My one big fear was not being able to sleep if I did not drink because I drank a lot every night. He gave me a non-addictive prescription to help me sleep.

Then he recommended that I go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (they talk about drug addiction too-or there are also Narcotics Anonymous meetings). The meetings helped me a lot-I met a lot of very open and friendly people who were in the same or similar situation as me. I also started to see a drug and alcohol counselor who helped me a lot, too.

I had good incentive to quit-I had just given birth to my son – I did not drink while I was pregnant but went right back to it after he was born.

You could also talk to a clergy for help.

There is a lot of help out there-get some support for yourself and PLEASE don’t give up!!

Good luck and I will say a prayer for you-Lynette

Don’t know where to start?

by: Lisa

I just don’t know were to start trying to quit this habit, it’s got worse over past few years…. it’s easy to stop taking… it’s the person i turn into i hate…i do nothing but eat, sleep and basically give up…. my husband takes cocaine and has also had amphetamine but in small amounts and not that often…. he says it’s not additive…

i can’t make him understand how worthless it’s made my whole life… 46 and i’m everything i despise….. help me begin to help myself in beating it for good because i’m petrified of it winning and it beats me

thank u lisa

What’s It Like To Be Loved?

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Lisa,

Your husband’s drug use is not helping you. He may not be addicted, but his belief that cocaine is not addictive is just plain wrong. He needs to help you and support you, that’s what husbands are supposed to do.

He should help you get into treatment and help you by stopping his drug use. If he can stop, he should. If he’s not an addict, he can do this easily. He may not be able to do this. He may not have that choice.

Treatment aside for a moment. When you are slipping into the laziness and depression, try to remember that you are dearly loved. Meditate on that. You are loved and cherished. Think of what makes you happy and fulfilled. Look outside of yourself and try to do something positive for another person. Decide that you are going to be happy and work towards it by focusing outward.

Get some support from AA, people who will love you for who you are.

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