Environment may increase drug abuse

by Syrell

(quezon city, manila philippines)

Does the environment has something to do with drug abuse?


by: your groupmates

I’ll update you.

Environmental Factors

by: Ned Wicker

The short answer to your question is “yes.” There are environmental factors to drug addiction, but that isn’t necessarily the weather, or the time of year.

Children of addicts will often become addicts. Family behavior gets passed on from generation to generation. We learn from our parents, so if the parents do it, often the kids will do it.

Addicts who have been through treatment are very susceptible to relapse if they go back to the same setting where they did drugs and got into bad habits.

People who date or marry alcoholics may themselves become alcoholics. Children of divorce are at risk, as are children who for whatever reason begin in their teen years.

It isn’t the only factor, but environment plays a role.

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