Father become addicted to Oxcotin?

by Lindsay

My father has been prescribed oxycotin for a long time now from his doctor, for legitimate back pain. Although he mixes it a lot with alcohol, and he has become highly addicted to these pills.

It has changed who he is. He is not happy anymore. He is mean.. and cold. And we used to be best friends. I don’t know what to do, but its killing me every day. Every time he is mean to me, I’m worried about him more.. I love him so much.

You Need Help First

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Lindsay,
The disease of substance use disorder turns great dads into distant acquaintances. The combination of alcohol and oxy is especially bad.

You and the other members of your family can receive help from Al-Anon. Its goal is to help the ones trying to help the addict. They have heard it all, so nothing you share with them will shock them.

Your goal is to get dad into treatment, but first you must take care of yourself. As it stands now, he can no long enjoy your company or be the kind of dad he used to be.

The drugs and alcohol have taken that away and his disease runs his life. Addiction is a family disease, so all of you have to be involved and get into the fight to save his life.

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