Friend’s personality totally changed?

by Andre


A friend of mine, and Scuba dive buddy lost his job, and is now working as contractor job, however over the last 11 months his entire personality has changed, as well as use of of normal over counter meds, (Grandpa HA power, Adcadol, and some other white small pill).

This last weekend he looked totally wacked, for about 3 hours at a friends bar, and consumed alcohol. He then wanted to leave and wanted his wife and kids in the car, caused huge amounts of aggressive behavior as it was still early. After he left he chased his wife out of the house, and was aggressive telling her to take her stuff and leave.

Ok so as a concerned friend and dive partner, over the pass 5 months here is a short synopsis:

1. He tried to hit one of his son’s friends at his house, when the person came back to apologize for what every reason he smashed the mirror on the car, and stuck a knife in the window, as it was to small space he actually forced the knife drawing down the drivers windows and scratching 15 CM long cut into the window.

2. Throw his wife around there house, as well as going off at the kids.

3. Accusing every person of being against him, and drinking and taking up to 6 Adcadols tablets.

4. Since he has being taking these white tables he outburst are even worse after he has come out of his drowsy state, this passed weekend he took 9 of these pills.

5. As they are hidden from his wife, we have not managed to find them, but if we do where can we have them tested.

6.His wife currently is going through Hell. We as family friends would like to try and help her and the kids, but first we need her to totally agree. And we are looking for specific symptoms that I can show her, that meet her husbands behavior patterns.

Can you send and help us?

Not Uncommon

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Andre,
First realize that you are not going to change your friend, as his disease has taken over his life. You can offer to protect his wife and children, and I would encourage them to get out as soon as possible.

He is capable of the unthinkable, especially when he’s high. I’d also call Al-Anon and get support your you, his wife and the family. If you can catch him at the right moment, you might explain that he is hurting himself and is a danger to his family. He needs treatment.

However, he’ll call you a liar and accuse you of trying to break up his marriage. His wife might need a restraining order, and he might need to go to jail. As it sits now, he’s out of control with no real expectation of getting better.

You can be a friend and help his wife find a treatment center. If he submits to treatment, I am confident your friend will return.

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