Getting off a Cocktail!!

I’m a reasonably good person and I’ve had a prescription drug habit for more years than I can count! I’ve had one idea that I believe could help, I’m currently on Suboxone Diazapam Temazapam and Risperidal, I was on Dexiamphetamines for around three years in my Twenties (In my thirties now) and I think if I had the right support I could get off all these drugs.

The reason I am sure of this loony idea is nothing to be proud of but I take Methamphetamines recreationally and when I’m on it I don’t need or crave my other drugs, the main reason for this is because I want to make it a quick and easy process, I know you doctors believe in longer more drawn out process but this is not my first time getting off!

Last time I put myself and my family through hell and that was just the Suboxone, this time it’s the Benzos as well, can you please help me and let me know if my own personal process is worth the hassle? Thank you, I appreciate any advise you have…..

Exchanging Problems

by: Ned Wicker

You are taking quite a cocktail of drugs and from what you’ve written it sounds like you are the one in charge of your treatment and recovery. The idea of taking methamphetamine to get yourself off of Suboxone is like shooting yourself in the foot to make your headache go away. You’re trading one problem for another.

Doctors and therapists may use a different methodology and that methodology might be drawn out, as you put it, but if you are willing to do the work necessary to ensure that the program is effective, you won’t be worrying about having to repeat the process.

You, like so many others, are looking for a quick and easy solution. You are overlooking possible health concerns, you are overlooking the underlying reasons for your drug use and you are trying to manipulate the process and convince yourself that you have the right idea. You’ve done it before. You’ll do it again. I don’t see anything that is going to break the addictive cycle.

We are body, mind and spirit. What is being done to address all three areas? We’ve touched on health concerns and prolonged drug use, but you also need to look into spiritual matters and gain an understanding of what is driving your substance use disorder. You may think you have it figured out, but you don’t.

A treatment program, designed to meet your personal needs, is necessary to help you rid yourself of this drug life and once you have completed the program, you need to stick to a recovery program that will help you stay clean. You need to trust others to help and not try to be your own doctor.

Sometimes we need to go back into treatment and try again. The important thing is for you to be drug free and live a happy, healthy and productive life.

DUDE ??????

by: Anonymous

It sounds to me like you still wanna get high. You just replacing one with another. You need help and that means going to an inpatient rehab to get away from people, places , and things…

Trust me it’s the best thing in the long haul and there are free rehabs… Look into the city of where you live. Trust me if you really want the help, it’s out there. And don’t use the excuse that you don’t have the money… If that’s the case then how in the heck have you been supporting your drug habit ???? and don’t say only your prescription cus you and everyone else know that you probably blow through that in 1 week and then off to the street you go to buy you pills or meth !!!

I know it’s harsh but dude your life is at stake… My question to you is, how bad do you wanna get clean ???? Only you and GOD know that…. Now go get it the ball is in your court!!! If I can get clean anyone can get clean!!!

I went from a school teacher, married with a beautiful family, to homeless, hopeless, and helpless, until I finally found GOD, and He opened up doors that I never thought possible.

Dude I’m sitting back in my chair in my house with my beautiful family again. God is awesome, you just gotta surrender !!!!

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