Happy Endings

Guest Blog PostPosted by Hyman WeeksI recently went on a trip to visit some friends in Chicago and while I was there I started noticing some similarities to the people who I was with and the characters on a show that I recently stated watching. Happy Endings has become one of my staple shows that I watch every week so I am very familiar with the characters. My two favorites are Penny and Max. The show is set in Chicago so already when I was there I felt like I was in the show. After hanging out with some friends of a friend up there I started to notice that one of the girls was acting exactly like Penny on the show. She will abbreviate every single word that she possible can and says thinks like presh and abrrev instead of abbreviate. It was pretty funny. The next thing I noticed was a friend of theirs named Zack who looks and acts exactly like Max from the show. It was so awesome because I felt like I was living in the show the whole weekend. Check out tybuydirect.com for access to Happy Endings.

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