Help my son is in rehab, but still denies problem. Trying to hold on but running out of hope

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Help my son is in rehab, but still denies problem. Trying to hold on but running out of hope

by Debbie

(Camargo Illinois United States)

My 16 yr old son is currently in rehab. 2 days in and he is saying he has anger problem not drug problem. I know because of drug testing at hospital he has not used pot in 30 days, but has used prescription pills more often than prescribed, even crushing and snorting them.

He hit rock bottom or so I thought and we put him in hospital for 2 weeks. They got him off all prescribed medicine and got levels good with mood stabilizer. It seemed to help. After hospital he entered rehab center, still saying he does not have drug problem! Stated he would rather go to hospital or jail, as he is on probation.

Is this normal for an addict?

Is there any hope he will admit to his drug problem, so he and our family can heal?

Trying to hold on but very hopeless right now. We have tried life skills counseling, family therapy, and outpatient rehab counseling. All this before entering hospital 3 weeks ago.

My son has lost so many things from friends to school and sports. He was a great athlete and prob would have gotten scholarships, but that is all gone now and he still denies a problem. If he doesn’t complete all recommendations of rehab he will be facing time in detention center.

My heart has been broken by all this in last yr. Afraid he will walk out of rehab center, as he is voluntarily there and it scares me to death of thinking he could be back home. More sleepless nights and tons of worry and fighting.

God only gives us what he thinks we can handle, but I feel like my family and I can not handle much more. Please answer back, as I am at my end.

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Join Al-anon right away!

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Debbie,

Adolescent addiction is a VERY challenging and frustrating problem. Drug addiction is a disease of the brain and changes the brain so that the drug becomes the ONLY thing that matters to the addict.

Because your son is only 16, his brain is not fully formed and so the addiction is harder to treat. The drugs are likely to have more of a foothold in the undeveloped brain of your son.

There is always hope, but your son MUST feel the FULL consequences of his actions in order for it to be bad enough for him to give up the drugs.

Because his brain has been compromised by the drugs, it is harder for him to realize how destructive drugs are. That’s why it’s critical that you allow him to experience the negative consequences of his drug use.

It sounds like you’re doing everything possible to help him, but it’s in God’s hands. Join your local Al-anon or Celebrate Recovery group for support. We all have the freewill to make choices and hopefully your son will start making the right choices soon.

He is very young and when he does stop using he should bounce back and become the son you remember. His body is very resilient and should recover quickly.

You must hang in there with this and continue to love him but hate the drugs.

Good luck, and may God Bless you and your son!


There is hope

by: Debbie

Debbie, Thanks for comment on my story about my son. Soon after writing my story I started researching Alanon meetings close to me. Also I do go to the outpatient rehab for my own counseling, as I feel this can only benefit my son and my family.

My son has admitted to being powerless and admitted he is an addict. Although much more work is to be done, I feel so much better knowing he is accepting help and wanting to get better.

Physically he already looks so much better and his funny personality is starting to peak through. When entering 1 week ago I thought I lost my son, I now have some hope. He is in a 3 to 6 month program working with horses, hoping he learns a lot from this and life gets better.


Thanks, son is doing better

by: Debbie Wicker

Thanks for comment. My son has 26 days clean and will soon receive his 30 day coin. Long road to go but hope is there.

Thanks again and website is very helpful. I read on it every night learning more and more.

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