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Herion Question

by Inez


Do people refer to heroin as White Horse? I have a male friend who I’ve known for years but have lost contact over and reunited recently.

Years ago, I found a syringe under his bed and again in a drawer. When I asked him about it, he attempted to joke that he used it to shoot up. I dismissed it as a joke, but still wasn’t sure.

I know I should’ve known better, but I was young and didn’t really know what to believe because he never did it around me and I never saw an needle marks on his body.

Fast forward years later, we reunited and he told me that he’s trying to get some white horse. I asked him what it was and he just looked at me but never answered. I thought maybe he was talking about weed, but I remembered the syringe from years prior.

Now that I’m older and more mature…I’m starting to connect the dots but still am not sure about the White Horse terminology. Please help because we are trying to date again but I don’t want to date a drug addict.

Thank you!

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White Horse is slang for heroin

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Inez,

Yes White Horse is another slang term for heroin. here is the definition from the Urban Dictionary:

“White Horse is:

Heroin. As contrasted with white pony, slang for cocaine, in the 1983 pop hit “White Horse” by music group “Laid Back”.

“If you want to ride, don’t ride the white horse.”

“The TV Show ‘Twin Peaks’ used a white horse to symbolize heroin addiction.”

So he is letting you know that he is addicted to heroin. Heroin addiction is rampant in the United States because the heroin on the street is very pure and VERY cheap.

Heroin addiction is a disease of the brain and is a FATAL disease. Phillip Seymour Hoffman just died from it after fighting his addiction for more than twenty years.

You should let your friend’s family know about his addiction and work with them to do an intervention to get him into treatment as soon as possible.

You should also attend Al-anon meetings to learn about addiction. Try to find a sponsor who has had a loved one who is addicted to heroin so that they can help you to understand what you’re really dealing with.

Good Luck and please be safe!


Thanks Debbie

by: Inez

Thanks Debbie!! This was helpful and scary because he hides it really well when he is on heroin.

Herion Question 2

by: Inez

Hi Debbie,

I just wrote you about the friend who mentioned getting some white horse. So a few days ago I asked him about what he said. I asked him if he used heroin because he mentioned getting some white horse.

Well he claims that he don’t use heroin and that he don’t even recall even saying white horse. He said that his father used to use coke so that’s even more reason for him not to use hard drugs.

I was totally blown away that he didn’t recall the conversation. He was calm about it and we didn’t argue. I even reminded him of the syringe that I came across twice years ago.

He used the same excuse that he used then, it is supposedly his late grandmother’s insulin syringe or whatever..

I don’t know if I’m dealing with a psycho path or someone in deep denial or is he telling the truth. But I guess a person can hide what they want to hide.

What are signs of someone on heroin.. because all addicts don’t sit around nodding off?

Heroin use can be hard to detect

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Inez,

Heroin or other opiate use can be hard to spot. The best way for you to know for sure is to have him take a drug test. You can get a simple five panel test for about five dollars and then know for sure whether or not he has used in the last couple of days.

If a drug test isn’t possible here are some other symptoms to look for:

– They may spend more time alone than before, or not interact with family and friends.

– They may lose interest in their job, their education, their hobbies and this may be a slow process, so these symptoms may not be dramatic.

– They may have some physical signs, such as dry mouth, shortness of breath, or a general slowing down in their actions.

– Their behavior might be strange, or perhaps they just fall asleep for no particular reason.

– Their pupils become constricted and they may not know where they are or what’s going on.

– They may not drink alcohol when they are high because of the negative reaction it causes with an opiate.

If he is not showing any of these signs then it may be he is not currently using, hopefully that is the case:)


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– Matthew 7:7-8

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