How do I overcome pills?!?

by Karen

I need help for overcoming pills?!?

Seek Qualified Professional Help

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Karen,

Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD, aka “addiction”) can happen to anybody, regardless of the good intentions one may have for using one drug or another. Not knowing the nature of your situation, it is difficult to offer any specifics, but I do encourage you to share this with your doctor.

If you are misusing a prescription medication, properly prescribed by a doctor, you need to have an open and honest conversation about that. If you are hooked on pills you are buying illegally off the street, you should likewise have a physical examination to determine your state of health and begin to explore possible treatment options.

Treatment plans come in so many forms and it is necessary to personalize one to meet your specific needs. Again, having a consult with a medical professional is a good idea. You must also understand that you are body, mind and spirit and so you should attend to all three areas.

That is where groups like Alcoholics Anonymous come in, as their meetings and programs offer support as we deal with the treatment phase and the recovery phase that follows.

It is important to understand that you don’t have to go through your suffering alone. So often people reject the help of others and refuse to accept any love and support. This is foolishness. SUD just doesn’t go away and most people just can’t turn off the dependence, or turn off the cravings.

We are all interconnected and we need other people to help us get through our trials in life. Seek out the companionship of those in recovery.

There are many faith-based programs that will help you spiritually. Many who have gone through the 12 Step process, even in secular programs like AA, have discovered a spiritual revival that has changed their lives. Rebuilding body, mind and spirit restores the entire person. It doesn’t just get them off drugs.

You have options. It is time for you to seek professional counsel and move forward.

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