How long before I feel better?

by Joseph

After taking Percocets and Roxys on and off for about 4 years, mostly on. Now that I have totally cut it out and no longer take them, how long will it take my for body to fully go back to normal and mentally feel better.

I’m happy I’m no longer taking them and each day that passes I’m getting better, I just wana know how long does it take the body to fully recover from taking them for that long?

Thank You!!!

Hard to Tell

by: Ned Wicker

Every individual is different, so I can not tell you how long it will take you to feel better. However, what I do recommend is for you to have a physical examination, be open and honest with the doctor, who may then suggest a plan to help you.

Have you gone through treatment? Is there anything else going on with you? You need answers and a visit to a doctor is your first step.

Also, begin attending AA or NA meetings, many there have been through what you’re going experiencing and may have some useful advice.

Good luck and stay clean!

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