by Alicia


Hello, My name is Alicia… I’m looking for people to help me over the internet… I’m writing a book, that a book company is already interested in publishing for me, in 2 months.. It’s a book on drugs and alcohol addictions. It has my personal story, and advice..

But I’m looking for YOUR stories..If you are familiar with ” Chicken Soup For the Soul” The personal stories that people give, and there advice and hope.. If you have been effected, or if you are a recovering, or an addict, I’d like to hear your story…

It will be published in my book, Tell me what you have gone through, what you hope for, your deep feelings, Nobuddy can ever tell too much. Include your First name, and last initial, and your age!

Do not use full names, unless you are a 100% positive you are okay with it being public! By sharing your story, you can help a lot of people.
I Hope to hear your touching stories, please get them to me asap!


my messed up life!!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

I over eat every day and then make myself throw it back up, just to do it all over again the same day or the next day. I have been doing this since I was 25 years old. I am now 34 years old. I have taken all kind of pills just to get high, pain pills, cough medicine, Xanax. I throw up and take cocaine hoping that I will lose weight. I have abused alcohol on a daily bases. I know that my body is tired of this entire toxin damaging all my organs.

I think being sexually abused while I was a little girl plays a big part of me being the way I am. I remember when I was only 4 years old how my grandmother’s friend use to come over and fondle with me with me while nobody was looking. I was too scared to tell anybody.

I am trying to get rid of one addiction just to replace it with another one. I tell myself over and over again that I am going to cleanse my body only to do that something over again.
The longest I can go without doing anything is maybe 5 days. I find myself haven’t to do something drinking, popping pills.

After weeks of doing coke, drinking alcohol, and taking cough medicine I can finally say that after today I will be able to cleanse my body of drugs. Did my last sack. Not going buy anymore since I don’t have any money. I can say thank you Jesus for not letting me have any money.

In a couple of days of drug free maybe I’ll get my pretty skin complexion back. My eyes have dark circles around them. I look like a crack head. Come to think of it am not far from being one.

Makes you wonder how others judge each other because they have never been through it.
I was one of the ones who said I would never drink, never do drugs but it could happen to anybody because I was 34 when I was completely turned out on COKE! ALCOHOL! And Pain PILLS

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