It is finally over!

by Tony

(Los Angeles, CA)

It happened. It ended. I was addicted to speed and used everything else. But no more.

I was like a chef. I would cook up the feelings and the high I wanted each day by using alcohol, MDA, weed and whatever.

But under it all would be a layer of amphetamines. If I got too drunk, no problem. Just wait a few and the speed would bring me back around. If the weed made me too paranoid, no problem, the speed would pull me out of it in a little while.

I thought I had the world by the tail. Then one night I had a nasty bad trip on mescaline.

It all changed overnight. I couldn’t think, I was suspicious of everyone, even my best friends and girlfriends.

The only thing that “saved me” was speed. It would put me right again and mask all the effects of that bad trip.

Of course,the solution became the problem and I was dwindling away, unable to control the addiction and things were always worse when I crashed.

I almost died of an overdose in San Francisco on a Christmas Eve and when I got out of the hospital, my friends and family were waiting. They took me to a rehab center in St. Louis where I grew up and I quit using.

The weirdness from the bad trip still had to be dealt with, but the center helped me do that too.

Now I have been drug free for 34 years! It is great. I raised a family and they are all drug free too.

I speak in schools in Los Angeles about the dangers of drugs now and I have spoken to more than 300,000 young people over the years.


Don’t ever let them tell you that you will always be a drug addict. The truth is, you CAN beat it. It isn’t easy, it took me a long time to get back, BUT IT DID HAPPEN!

I feel great.

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