LSD is a non-addictive substance that causes no direct physical harm.

by Dale

I would like to address the page you have at:

I sincerely hope this page is somewhat autogenerated, as it is nothing but a series of links to stories that have nothing to do with LSD, where LSD was inserted in to the text instead of the drug being referenced in each of the stories.

LSD is a non-addictive substance that causes no direct physical harm. It has dangers yes - psychological harm, physical harm through environmental factors when 'tripping' and so on; however the drug itself does not directly harm the individual.

I respect and acknowledge the need for addiction treatment, however just because a drug is illegal and used for recreation, it shouldn't automatically be lumped in with all other drugs that also meet those criteria.

Only by understanding what it is that addicts crave in their drugs - be they alcohol, cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine - can we really begin to help them. By treating all drugs as interchangeable, you're not helping addicts, only hurting them more.

Furthermore, by treating LSD as if it were a dangerous addictive drug, you're only pushing it further in to the shadows and away from researchers who may one day be able to use this substance for good, medicinal purposes (just as amphetamines are prescribed for ADHD; morphine is used clinically for pain; and derivatives of cocaine are used as local anesthetics).

I would appreciate a response to this contact.

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LSD causes a lot of physical harm
by: Debbie Wicker

Hello Dale,

The page you referred is a page about addiction and specifically LSD and I apologize for this confusion.

LSD is a VERY harmful drug. I refer you to our page on LSD that describes why LSD is such a harmful drug. If a person has predisposition to mental health issues (which many people have) LSD can cause those predispositions to occur.

I have worked with clients who are now severely bi-polar after LSD use. Did LSD cause it, whose to say, but why would anyone risk that outcome.

Please read our page: for a full description of the harm caused by LSD.

What strikes me is that LSD provides NO benefit and can cause much harm so why risk it?

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