True Drug Addiction Stories

by James

my life is is so ,,??????

torn up over the young lady that I have cared for just under 10 years ,,

very long story ,,

lost her kids that I was so in love with ,,

she is on drugs so bad,,

that it would take a book to tell all ,,

in fact I started to write a book,,

but as I really got into a good star ,,

It goes so far that it is repeating itself ,,

things that has went into it have been stealing, demanding money as if she were part of what I should do,thousands of dollars ,,

my savings is all gone,,

My fault though just trying to keep her from the streets ,,

but now I have nothing except weekly pay checks and a home to live in ,,

no remorse from her if I have bills to pay ,,

I am just barely holding my head above water ,,

If any one is interested I would gladly try and share some of my story ,,

by Robin F

(Blytheville, ark)

I lived in a tent, it was 103 degrees outside. I was exsisting in this world not living it.

Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to drug addiction. You have to want help not need it! Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get your life back?

Think hard about this question. YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT

If you honestly answer yes, this will be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done and the most wonderful!

For those of you who are real addicts, there’s no need for me to tell the ugly story, we all know how to get and use drugs and what it entails.

I began to work a program of recovery, I had to change everything about my life, people, places, my perception of reality.

I am just one of many clean, sober addicts who have learned how to live, love, and enjoy life again and so can you!!!

My name is Ryan Donnelly and I am a recovering Addict and Alcoholic. My drug of choice was Oxycontin.

Over the past year on my journey to sobriety I have replaced my “drug of choice” with an undeniable thirst to live life and be present in each and every moment I have left of it.

My website:

is the start of what I hope to be a very personally rewarding journey that motivates and encourages others who can appreciate the struggle. I am currently residing on the Jersey Shore, not the reality show stereotype but, the real life version.

I have a very extensive past in the military and my future will largely be centered on continuing my education.

The Love of My Life, Jess, and my family are what hold me together and make everything I have gone through worth while.

Although I only have 27 years on this planet I have learned a lot about myself, but more importantly I have learned what I can offer others.

In the moment

In the moment

This is my real life story on how I struggled to overcome heroin and alcohol addiction which eventually lead me to crime and homelessness.
I was living on the streets of Sydney for over six years and at one stage lived in a cemetery, drinking mentholated spirits (window cleaner) and addicted to methadone.

One morning I had a spiritual epiphany which lead me on a journey to recovery.

I have been clean for over 5 years now and wrote my story and published it on

< >

Writing my story was originally motivated by trying to turn something so dark into a positive…But now I also realize that my story could help inspire others!

Thank you so much
Laurence Stanway

My name is Lori-Ann and I am a recovered alcoholic and addict which seemed like an impossible task. My journey began at a young age of 14.

I was adopted and raised an only child. Loneliness was my constant companion. My father’s job kept him away from the home most of the time. My mother was a strict and very formal lady. I had everything that a child could want but happiness.

When I was prescribed narcotic pain medication I immediately found that by taking a pill I felt pretty, was no longer lonely and I liked my mother.

Life would never be the same from that day forward. It was soon after the introduction to narcotics that I discovered alcohol. With the combination of the two my world was great.

The days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. Through the years I had developed many habits from Heroin to Cocaine. During this time I had a son, James. My parents had passed and his father left before he was born.

We were all that each other had.

My son spent most of his life seeing mother in and out of treatment with no success. He was taken away from me and now I see that was a blessing.

Life spiraled into the black abyss. Nothing mattered and my only prayer was to die soon.

In 2006 I found myself in a seedy motel in Sumter, SC. To this day I do not know how the phone call transpired but I was talking to a man that began describing my pain as if he knew exactly how I felt.

He told me that I never had to be alone again and that I was coming home. Those words meant more to me than anything in this world. He said that God was on the way. And two women arrived to bring me home.

They began to tell me their story and it sounded like mine. I could see life in their eyes and love in their hearts. I wanted what they had and they told me that I could have it if I followed a few simple steps.

I soon arrived at a placed called the Owls Nest. This was the beginning of a life far greater than I could ever have imagined. I was given unconditional love and I learned how to give love. One of the women that came to my motel room that night is and has been my sponsor.

She took me through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and showed me how to apply these steps in my everyday affairs. I now have a host of lifelong friends, a fellowship of brothers and sisters.

We have discovered a common solution. I completed the program at the Owls Nest and stayed on as a trusted servant. I have been honored to be on staff as the Admission Director for over 3 years.

I now can bring others home and give to them what has been given to me. My relationship with my son has been restored. We have a bond today stronger than ever before.

My only wish is that others may find the peace and happiness that I have.

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