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Get Professional Help

by: Ned Wicker


Your cousin may not know she is in trouble with the morphine, so the family, not just you, needs to step in and help.

You can try talking with your doctor, or a local hospital, or a local drug treatment center.

Or, pick up the phone and call Al-Anon.

They have exceptional information and support for you. But the important thing for you is to not try to do it alone.

The whole family needs to be involved, as addiction is a family disease.

As addiction progresses, your cousin will try to make her addiction your problem. It?s not that she intentionally wants to hurt anybody, but when she is under the control of the addiction, nothing else matters.

She will probably deny she has a problem, deny she needs treatment and fight you in your efforts to help her, but keep trying. The important thing is to get the help.

Once she is in treatment, she will need love and support. She will need to get into a group and continue her recovery.

This is a family project.

Anna’s addiction

by: Anonymous

First of all, Anna has to WANT to stop the cycle of addiction and get help.

If she does not, there is very little you can do.

This is the hard part for the family of the addicted.

You could help by seeing if you can find facilities in your area and see if she’ll go to find out if the particulars of their program is something she would want to commit to.

Good luck.

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