My daughter is addicted to proxies & zanies, snorts & shoots up?

I need answers, my daughter snorts heavy drugs. Shoots up proxies a day plus 5 zanex a day. She use meth and any thing else she can get.

She been on loiters for10. Years She just got out of detox only 3 days now we have her. She is so mean she disbarred her self in detox. Now we’re on a waiting list for a bed in another facility. She is threatening to go back to her drug life… it will kill her. I’m scared… help!

What can I tell her to do??

Consequences are Needed

by: Ned Wicker

Over the last 10 years, have there been any consequences for your daughter’s actions?

Obviously the drug addiction causes severe health problems, but I’m talking about her actions and the impact on your family. Obviously you are suffering. It sounds like she has made her problem YOUR problem.

You are the one worrying. She just wants to use again. All of her decisions have been bad ones, but she is at home and you’re taking care of her as best you can. You are her safety net. You need to make your participation more productive.

I would suggest Al-Anon for you. You need to learn what you can do and that isn’t just telling your daughter what you want her to do.

Your daughter is “mean” because anything that keeps her from her drugs is bad. But if she makes the decisions, she’ll suffer, so you have to be in charge and not allow her to manipulate you.

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