My daughter’s ex-husband got her on METH?

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My daughter’s ex-husband got her on METH?



My daughter’s ex-husband got her on METH and she can’t get off of it. We’ve tried EVERTHING! She hasn’t kept a job is 5 years! We’ve tried tough love and everything else.

We don’t have money to hire a lawyer and to go before a judge. She has mental problems and also she won’t stay on her meds. I’m afraid that she’s going to overdose or commit suicide.

She lives in Sweetwater Texas behind my dad’s house in a little house he owns. She hasn’t kept a job in five years.

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Join Al-anon and attend meetings at least three times a week!

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Cindy,

Your daughter has a very serious addiction to Meth which can be fatal. Meth also cause mental health problems that will lessen if she stops using.

Meth is also illegal and the best place for your daughter might be in jail where she CAN’T use and where they will force her to take her meds?

Consider calling the police and having her arrested and put in jail, they may be the only people who can save her life! I know it is not ideal but it may be her only option.

Meth addiction is a disease of the brain and your daughter has lost all control to make good decisions for herself. In jail she will have to stop using and may be able to get her life back.

I would recommend you start going to Al-anon meetings today and go to at least three meetings a week. Begin working the 12 steps and finding a sponsor.

Once you’ve started the steps, then invite your daughter to go with you and try to get her to go to AA or NA meetings DAILY FOR 90 DAYS! If she can find a female sponsor who has recovered from Meth addiction that sponsor can help her to use the 12 steps to move past her addiction.

I believe that you’re correct to think that this is a life and death situation for your daughter. You must take action now to save her life!

Here is a link to a list of meetings in your area:

Find meetings on here and start going ASAP!

Good Luck!


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