Comments for Need Teen Challenge, two sons addicted?

The Right To Refuse

by: Ned Wicker

Only in America can a 15 and 17 year-old decide whether or not they need treatment for drug addiction because it’s their right not to be treated. Who’s the adult here?

If they won’t go to treatment and they are addicts, just as you say, then stop enabling them and force the issue. Go to Al-Anon and get some support for yourself. There are people there who have the same issues.

If your kids refuse to accept personal responsibility, and insist on selling drugs out of your home, you may want to consider notifying the police.

They cannot be trusted, they are addicted and they involved in a criminal enterprise. The only treatment they may receive is from behind bars. They can get straight and healthy, released when they are 18, and hopefully on the right track.

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