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Need to stop taking pills?

by Edward

How can I get off pills? My doctor is giving me too many?

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Too many people are taking too many pills

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Edward,

Taking too many pills is a common issue people struggle with these days. It may be that because doctors have such limited time with each patient that the easiest and quickest thing for them to do is to refill or write a script.

My first recommendation to you is fairly obvious, go to a different doctor and ask them how you can stop taking so many pills. Some people have had excellent results by going to a homeopathic or naturopathic doctors. These doctors specialize is MUCH more conservative medicine and try to help patients avoid medications when at all possible.

Because you haven’t said which type of pills your taking, I will assume (because this is a site on drug addiction) that you may be taking pain pills and want to end your addiction to them.

Over the last 20 years doctors have begun to prescribe opiates for even relatively mild pain. Because opiates are so highly addictive MANY people have become addicted to them during their prescribed use.

So a question you should ask is are you on an OPIATE pain killer? If you are, have you become dependent on them? If you find yourself needing more and more pills for the same level of pain control it is possible you have become addicted.

Opiate addiction is a VERY serious problem and must be treated correctly in order for you to get rid of this addiction. There are a lot of EXCELLENT treatment programs for opiate addiction but it’s important that you get into treatment ASAP.

Most insurance has been changed started January 1, 2014 to FULLY cover addiction treatment. So again I recommend you go to a different doctor and tell them that you’re concerned that you’re opiate addicted and can he/she refer you to the best treatment program for this addiction.

Good Luck!

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