Parent needs help with son

My son is 18, and has recently returned from a Narconon drug rehab. He has used Crystal Meth in the past but is not using EX and pot.

He is coming down from 5 days of using EX and is extremly moody/angry. I need advice on how to help him

Parent needs help with son

by: Lynette


Hi-Thanks for writing.

I really sympathize with you in such a situation with your son and his four children living with you and then he getting on crack and losing his job.

My son is 27 years old and has been using alcohol and drugs for 13 years. We have tried everything to help him. However, after going to Al Anon meetings (for friends and family of alcoholics) we found out that we cannot control what the addict does – and trust me, we tried.

I’m finding that the best thing to do is to detach from the situation as much as I can and to let him experience the consequences of his actions and also to concentrate on myself and on my life.

If your son is willing to get help then that is GREAT – this would usually be going to a drug rehab. and also, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings help tremendously (they talk about drug abuse also) – also there are some Narcotics Anonymous meetings but they may be hard to find).

I must stress – please get some support for yourself.

Good Luck and I will say a prayer for you! -Lynette

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