Personal relationships between recovering addicts

by Andy


My husband recently left Detox and did not go into an inpatient program. He is going to meetings 7 days a week as well as seeing a therapist 3 days a week.

Recently I found out he drove someone from his detox program to a meeting because he didn’t have a ride and since they were early they went out for a burger together. I thought these are things you do with a sponsor and I’m wondering should he be going out to eat with this guy and driving him around?

I asked him about it and said he should speak with his sponsor about these actions and he hasn’t yet.

My husband likes to fix people he is only out of detox a few weeks and is no where near being ready to handle a relationship with someone who may relapse because my husband will go down with the ship.

Can’t Fix People

by: Ned Wicker

Your husband needs to understand that he can’t fix people. He can be a friend and be supportive, but the results are not his to determine.

Yes, you should talk to his sponsor, because you don’t want to establish a codependent relationship and make matters worse. The meetins are great, but for every person,outsie the meetings, there should be an appropriate boudary. He will receive solid counsel from his sponsor, so encourage that to take place.

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