Pill and Drink Mixture

Question: How does having a drink and taking one RX pill cause death? Is it because of a person’s addition and chemical makeup? I know many people who will take a xanax to deal with a family holiday and then have wine, and they are fine.

I understand the above is not okay, but I assume that such an example is beyond dangerous for the addict because of their addiction and that is why death ensues. Is that correct?

Common Sense

by: Ned Wicker

I think you already have this one figured out. Prescription medication comes with a warning and when they warn against using with alcohol, that warning is there for a purpose. Can we really predict that one person is going to be harmed and another not? Statistically yes, I suppose, but as you said every person is different and our individual chemical makeup will determine how drugs interact.

Warnings, however, are all too often meaningless because human nature always wants to push the envelope. People make their own bad choices and some suffer greatly for those bad choices. When I was a child a neighborhood friend came over and hung upside-down on our swing set. She asked “Is this serious?”

As a six year-old child I remember thinking, “Yes, if you fall.” If you take prescription medications that warn against drinking, and you drink, it could be serious.

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