Problem with Drug Addiction

Problem with Drug Addiction

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The problem with addiction is that often it’s starts as a bad choice and becomes a disease of the spirit/soul!

Addiction is a disease of the spirit. We have “lost control”, and
drugs and alcohol have taken control of our lives. Because any addiction is a
spiritual disease, if you are going to be healed, your spirit must also
be healed.

You can try to overcome this on your own, and some people are able to do
this, but many are not. There are a variety of ways to overcome an
addiction, but as AA writes, to overcome addiction often takes a “power greater than ourselves”.

People in recovery will tell you that one pill is too many and 20 aren’t enough.

There is no cure!

Is there a cure for drug addiction? The short answer is no, mainly because
the determining factors that led to a person’s condition don’t change.
That’s another Problem with Drug Addiction, everyone ones a quick fix and easy solution and currently none exists. But people can manage their addiction and move forward to lead a healthy, long and
productive life.

Addiction doesn’t have to be the winner, but those suffering need the
tools to access strength and support. But the problem with addiction is that you have to be honest with
yourself and realistic about the problem.

Addicts need to realize they can’t use, because the
consequences are serious at the very minimum, and too often deadly.

We believe we are body, mind and spirit, and each of those need to be treated in order for recovery to take place.

There is hope. The problem of addiction can be overcome if you are willing to seek the help that you need.

Here is some more questions and answers about Problem with Drug Addiction:

Sister in danger?

by Stephen

I have a sister at the age of twenty. She meet a girl by the name of
Ferril and has a history of abusing drugs. She is a past Heroin addict. I
believe she use manipulation techniques.

Nevertheless my sister
is in grave danger she has already become addicted to the use of smoking
opiates (percs). Furthermore she is committing crimes on a daily basis
and the problem is progressing. I am fearful that she will end up in
prison or dead.

What advise can you provide that will help me help her??

Get Support and Make a Plan

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Stephen,

You want to be a good brother and do what is
in the best interest of your sister and I commend you for that. The
problem you will be dealing with is your sister’s attitude towards
receiving help for her addiction, so be prepared for her anger, her
denial, her refusal to seek help and her lying to you about just about
everything. It’s all a part of the disease she has.

is an organization devoted to helping people just like you, who want to
do the right thing, but don’t necessarily know what moves to make first.
They have been in your shoes and they have a wealth of knowledge to
share with you.

A counselor once told me that it’s actually
harder sometimes to help the family members, because they are so focused
on getting help for the addict that they don’t get help for themselves.
Let them help.

You can also research local treatment centers
and alternatives to those treatment centers. Your options are far
ranging, from traditional drug treatment to faith-based organizations
that combine therapy with spiritual guidance.

Your sister
should also be encouraged to get a physical examination to assess her
overall state of health. Depending on her stage of the disease, she may
need other attention, even before treatment can begin.

together with your family and discuss this. Everyone needs to be on the
same page in order to provide your sister with the support system she
will need going through treatment and recovery.

As the old
saying goes, a chain is as strong as its weakest link, so if one person
is staunchly trying to work the program, while another is undermining
the process, the results will suffer. One member helps, the other

The important thing is for you to understand that
you need to be in this for the long haul, to stand by your sister and
fight for her, even if she fights against you. You need support and
guidance, so Al-anon is a good call to make.

Getting off a Cocktail!!

I’m a reasonably good person and I’ve had a prescription drug habit for
more years than I can count! I’ve had one idea that I believe could
help, I’m currently on Suboxone, Diazapam, Temazapam and Risperidal, I was
on Dexiamphetamines for around three years in my Twenties (In my
thirties now) and I think if I had the right support I could get off all
these drugs.

The reason I am sure of this loony idea is nothing
to be proud of but I take Methamphetamine recreationally and when I’m
on it I don’t need or crave my other drugs, the main reason for this is
because I want to make it a quick and easy process, I know you doctors
believe in longer more drawn out process but this is not my first time
getting off!

Last time I put myself and my family through hell
and that was just the Suboxone, this time it’s the Benzos as well, can
you please help me and let me know if my own personal process is worth
the hassle? Thank you, I appreciate any advise you have…..

Exchanging Problems

by: Ned Wicker

You are taking quite a cocktail of drugs and from what you’ve
written it sounds like you are the one in charge of your treatment and
recovery. The idea of taking methamphetamine to get yourself off of
Suboxone is like shooting yourself in the foot to make your headache go
away. You’re trading one problem for another.

Doctors and
therapists may use a different methodology and that methodology might be
drawn out, as you put it, but if you are willing to do the work
necessary to ensure that the program is effective, you won’t be worrying
about having to repeat the process.

You, like so many others,
are looking for a quick and easy solution. You are overlooking possible
health concerns, you are overlooking the underlying reasons for your
drug use and you are trying to manipulate the process and convince
yourself that you have the right idea. You’ve done it before. You’ll
do it again. I don’t see anything that is going to break the addictive

We are body, mind and spirit. What is being done to
address all three areas? We’ve touched on health concerns and prolonged
drug use, but you also need to look into spiritual matters and gain an
understanding of what is driving your substance use disorder. You may
think you have it figured out, but you don’t.

A treatment
program, designed to meet your personal needs, is necessary to help you
rid yourself of this drug life and once you have completed the program,
you need to stick to a recovery program that will help you stay clean.
You need to trust others to help and not try to be your own doctor.

we need to go back into treatment and try again. The important thing
is for you to be drug free and live a happy, healthy and productive

DUDE ??????

by: Anonymous

It sounds to me like you still wanna get high. You just
replacing one with another. You need help and that means going to an
inpatient rehab to get away from people, places , and things…

Trust me it’s the best thing in the long haul
and there are free rehabs… Look into the city of where you live. Trust
me if you really want the help, it’s out there. And don’t use the
excuse that you don’t have the money… If that’s the case then how in
the heck have you been supporting your drug habit ???? and don’t say
only your prescription cus you and everyone else know that you probably
blow through that in 1 week and then off to the street you go to buy you
pills or meth !!!

I know it’s harsh but dude your life is at
stake… My question to you is, how bad do you wanna get clean ???? Only
you and GOD know that…. Now go get it the ball is in your court!!! If
I can get clean anyone can get clean!!!

I went from a school
teacher, married with a beautiful family, to homeless, hopeless, and
helpless, until I finally found GOD, and He opened up doors that I never
thought possible.

Dude I’m sitting back in my chair in my house with my beautiful family again. God is awesome, you just gotta surrender !!!!

That completes our page on the problem with addiction.

For more information on the problem with addiction, please visit our home page.

and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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