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Prepare Yourself

by: Ned Wicker

It is sometimes said in sports that the best defense is a good offense, and in today?s world that is a good approach to drug addiction. By a good offense I mean parents talking to their kids, family members talking to husbands, wives, brothers and sisters, teachers and coaches talking to children and teens, and clergy addressing the issue in their ministry.

Addiction is a coward that likes to hide in the shadows and the best way to fight that shadow is to turn on a light. It is too simplistic to merely say don?t do drugs, without having an open dialog about why, and to understand that it is human nature to stretch the limits of safe conduct, or succumb to peer pressure, or find one?s own solution to a problem without seeking help.

Regardless of how a person becomes addicted, it is through a process and the best prevention is to understand that process and recognize the warning signs. Professional help is available and if you suspect trouble is around the corner, you might want to consult a treatment/recovery professional and arm yourself with solid information and a good strategy.

Most importantly, you are not alone, so don?t try to do this alone, whether it?s someone you love, or you that are having the addiction issues.

Try this (easy solution)

by: hypnopardis

Hay, drug addiction can indeed be eliminated by changing your mindset and your behavior. If you really want to quit (you must take the first step) then you may use hypnosis as a powerful mind-tool to help you to quit. I recommend strongly using this powerful and special against drug addiction developed hypnosis:

But if you use this solution and you see results then please share your experience with others, you may help a few people to quit too.

Good luck

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