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Question-need input please?

Addicted 30 years to meth and my boyfriend thinks he is a "quitting" expert because he quit 30 years ago after using no more than 7 years.

I say he has no idea what I am going through or how to "deal" with me. He wants me to quit then bitches because I am sleeping all the time and there are dishes in the sink. I know it will take years for my brain to "recover".

I started at 19, I am 47, I don't know what normal is and he doesn't get it and he thinks I am wrong????

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Each of us is unique but the 12 steps work for most of us
by: Debbie Wicker

Thirty years of addiction is difficult to fathom. It is clearly a miracle that you're still living. It sounds like your boyfriend is trying to help you to realize that you must stop but you're fighting him every step of the way.

I don't know whether or not your boyfriend's ideas of how to quit will help you or not but you should certainly being trying something/anything to quit. Your comments seem to be more focused on why you can't quit rather than on why you can.

The 12 steps of AA work even for those who have used and been addicted for decades. Regardless of how long you have, used your brain will start to heal whenever you stop using.

After using for thirty years you're probably living in complete denial that you can quit, but I agree with your boyfriend that you can and MUST stop using.

I recommend you go to a doctor and ask for help to detox from the meth. He/she should be able to medically support you as you detox and then direct you to a treatment program to help you to stop using.

The 12 step programs work regardless of how long you have used and you should start going to meetings TODAY and everyday until you quit.

Good Luck!

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- Matthew 7:7-8

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