Questions about Oxycontin?

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Questions about Oxycontin?

by Don

I have been on Oxycontin prescribed since 1999. I was as high as 240 milligrams a day at one point. I have managed to reduce my intake to 80 milligrams a day on my own over the past 18 months and am tying to kick the habit while still being able to deal with some extreme pain.

I have all kinds of questions and all kinds of side effects that I can’t get explanations to?

I don’t trust my pain doctors. I really do think they want you to stay on so you can keep paying the bills every month.

How can I get quick feedback to my questions, have someone trustworthy to answer who really knows the research, the side effects… all the issues?

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Difficult question to answer

by: Debbie Wicker

Because you have been on Oxycontin for an extended period of time and may also be taking other medications, understanding all of the possible side effects is difficult.

I’m not aware of any independent research that has been done on extended use of Oxycontin. Also, each of us is unique and can potentially respond differently to drugs over time. So that you may be experiencing side effects that are unique to you and your specific brain and body chemistry.

The most common symptoms discussed are:
– constipation
– nausea
– vomiting,
– sleepiness
– dizziness
– itching
– headache
– loss of appetite
– dry mouth
– sweating
– decrease in the ability to feel pain

Rare side effects included:
– respiratory depression
– apnea
– respiratory arrest
– circulatory depression
– low blood pressure
– shallow breathing
– slow heartbeat
– seizure (convulsions)
– cold, clammy skin
– confusion
– weakness
– dizziness

Everything also says that this is not a complete list and to contact the FDA for a complete list of side effects.

I would also recommend you talk with your pharmacist describing your concerns and find out what he/she thinks and recommends. Also, getting a second opinion from a doctor outside of the health system you’re currently in can be very useful to help you to get a complete picture of what you’re dealing with.

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