Should I tell someone about my boyfriends crack addiction before it is too late?

by no name


Should I ask my boyfriends best friend for help with my boyfriend crack addiction before its too late. My boyfriend is mixing crack with alcohol and I’m afraid he is going to die!

Make Some Noise

by: Ned Wicker

Yes, tell your boyfriend’s best friend, tell his family and his friends. He can’t continue to live this way, so go ahead and make noise.

As his disease advances, he will have less and less time and affection for you, as all he will think about is getting more crack and more alcohol. It’s a deadly mixture.

You need everybody to get on the same page with you and agree that he needs to go into treatment. I agree with your assessment, so start talking to people. Together you can get this done, so don’t try to do everything yourself. Get his people involved. All the best.


by: Anonymous

I have a friend who I believe is an alcoholic. This friend did not admit to me that he?s an alcoholic. The way he putted was: ?I am not an alcoholic, but I enjoy drinking?.

This man has lost his business of (14) years and marriage of (14) years. Could you please advise if this person is not an alcoholic and how can I support him to admit that he has a problem?

Still In Denial

by: Ned Wicker

After losing his family and his business, you’d think that your friend would have a clue that his life is out of control and that he needs help. Something has to get through to him. Perhaps he blames the world for his problems. He may still be in denial.

Joe Herzanek’s book “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” is an excellent resource. As friends and family, we need to know how to be supportive. Al-Anon is another fine resource for you. You need to not enable him, be supportive but firm, and keep pointing him to treatment. He has lost everything, but that doesn’t mean the alcohol will let him go.

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