Teen and drugs

(Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada)

My 15 y/o daughter has been involved in marijuana and hash for 4 months. I have gone to the school (the only place she goes unescorted), mental health, rcmp, town police, psychologist, friends and family.

All along she has said she don’t have a problem it’s no big deal, but recently i found out she purchased a 10 dollar piece for her 12 y/o brother. I found out about it before he got to use it.

Where do i go from here? Where can i go for support for myself? I hate this feeling of doors being closed on me i need to know i am not alone (I know i’m not but it would be sure nice to hear from other parents).

Lay Down the Law

by: Ned Wicker

It is good that you are on top of this situation, because your daughter is seriously out of control. She offered drugs to her little brother, which clearly shows that she has no clue what she’s dealing with, no respect for the severe damage that can be done to him and to herself and she does not realize that at 15 she is in serious jeopardy of developing an addiction that will destroy her life.

You must not assume that she is not in trouble. She will tell you it is not a problem, but it is a very BIG problem. You need to take control and get her into treatment. You can’t allow this in your home and you can’t allow your daughter to continue making bad decisions.

Sometimes moms don’t want to be heavy handed, so they try to reason with their child and try to be a friend. You’re not her friend you’re her mother, so lay down the law and make her follow your rules. This is not a phase that just goes away.

She is using a dangerous, gateway drug that will most likely lead to stronger, more dangerous drugs in the near future. It is not innocent and it’s not some teenage “right of passage.” If she is bringing drugs into your home, your son is in trouble, so please force the issue and seek help from a treatment center.

I would also suggest that you contact Al-anon to receive help and support from other parents, who face similar issues. You are not alone. Drugs are poisoning North America and parents across the U.S. and Canada are facing a formidable enemy. You have a fight on your hands, so prepare yourself to do some serious parenting and protect your kids.

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