What to do now?

by Mine


I am 34-male addicted to codeine syrup from years and my maximum dose was sometimes gone to 13 bottles of syrup contains 10 mg codeine each. Now my heart working is 24% as per ECG. I feel something moving in upper neck head when I take 2-3 bottles. Is there help for me?

I just want to share my experience. So I will write everything if you permit.

Thank you


by: Ned Wicker

Dear Mine,
Your heart disease is difficult to manage, but it is possible to see some improvement, but not if you use the codeine so recklessly.

Have you had a conversation with your doctor to talk about how to get back on the right path? Did you know that meditation can have the same effect on the brain as an opioid?

One of my teachers used Hindu meditation to relieve himself of pain. It worked. Have you ever been treated for your drug use disorder?

There is always hope, so keep trying.

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